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'Survivor' Contestant Stabs Friend in Back With Devious and Genius Move

Contestants on reality shows always say "I'm not here to make friends," and that point was blatantly obvious on Wednesday night's episode of Survivor. Sierra and Sarah had developed a friendship throughout the season, although, Sierra felt a little betrayed by her friend after the last tribal council. Sierra said, "Sarah has been my closest friend, not even alliance, friend while being out here, and I feel like I really got burned by her." Unfortunately for Sierra, she was about to be burned much worse at the next tribal council.

In an attempt to earn some brownie points with Sarah, Sierra told her about the Legacy Advantage that she got back at the beginning of the competition. Sierra then informed Sarah that one stipulation of the Legacy Advantage is that if you get voted off before using it, you have to will it to someone else. Much to Sarah's delight, Sierra told her that she would be the one getting the advantage. A great gesture, but also a really good reason for Sarah to get rid of Sierra.

That was all Sarah needed as she pushed for people to vote Sierra, which some people were wanting to do anyway. So Sierra was the one voted off, and after her torched was snuffed out by Jeff Probst, she bequeathed the advantage to Sarah. In the post interview, Sierra said, "I hope you didn't vote for me tonight, but I will be giving it to Sarah. She was honest with me and real with me out here and deserves to win this game. So I hope Sarah gets to use it at six and makes a huge move with it."