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Tacros are real — and a big deal on Instagram

What happens when a taco meets a croissant? The “tacro” is born. The new food trend is taking over social media. The colorful creation combines a croissant shell with taco filling. Hold on to your taste buds foodies — the fan-favorite mash-up is only available in San Francisco (for now).

Vive La Tarte bakery came up with the popular and savory hybrid. Creative director Jimmy Houghton says it took two months to perfect the recipe. Judging from its Instagram fame, people are loving the unique combo — all hail tacro Thursday!

The tacro costs $12 and comes in three options: chicken, pulled pork, and barbecued jackfruit. The flaky pastry and to-the-brim toppings can make for a messy eating experience, but that’s part of the fun, right?

Are you willing to get down and dirty with a tacro?