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Technology takes over 'Big Brother' house with first robot contestant

One of the most popular summer shows, Big Brother, returned for its season 20 premiere Wednesday night. However, while 15 contestants were thrilled to start their first week in the house, there was one houseguest who was short circuiting.Sam Bledsoe, a welder from Virginia, who says amazing things like, "I'm sweating like a nun in a cucumber patch" and "cuter than a bug's ear," unfortunately lost one of the first competitions of the summer. And on this season of Big Brother, losers receive punishments. Following the competition, Bledsoe did not immediately return to the house. In fact, Bledsoe didn't return until the final 15 minutes of the two-hour premiere. And when she did return, she returned as a robot!Returning as a robot meant that Bledsoe's social game in the house will most likely be affected. Instead of being physically present, she controlled a moving camera and screen, which she could see, hear and talk through. "As a robot, I might as well be a pinball in this house. I'm just bouncing off of every wall, every chair. I hope you all built this thing sturdy, because I'm going to be hard on it," said Bledsoe. At the beginning of the show, host Julie Chen revealed that this season of Big Brother will be ruled by technology. And while sharing the rules and terms of Bledsoe's punishment with the houseguests, Chen explained, "Sam, you are officially a robot. Your punishment will also be in effect until the first live eviction. Plus, whenever you hear the words 'robot offline,' you must go to the diary room, and you will return to the game as a human. But when you hear the words 'robot online,' you will return to the house as a robot."Most fans thought Bledsoe's punishment was absolutely hilarious, with one person tweeting:

While others were confused with the new twist, as they tweeted:

Luckily for Bledsoe, it's only temporary. And it seems like most of the viewers are now anticipating her human form returning to the house, so we can get more meme-worthy moments!