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'Teen Mom' star's heartbreaking miscarriage leads to suicidal thoughts

Teen Mom OG viewers received heartbreaking news during this week's episode, when Tyler Baltierra revealed that Catelynn Lowell suffered a miscarriage.

"It was very traumatic. You see her shaking, and she's got blood everywhere, it's just like, I mean, you don't really know what to do," Tyler told their producer, Kerthy. "Spotting is normal, but clotting and all the clots is not. So, we just sat in the bed and cried." If that news wasn't bad enough, Catelynn later revealed to Kerthy that she was beginning to have dark thoughts.

"Thank God for kids and husbands," Catelynn told Kerthy after confirming with her doctor that she did in fact miscarry. "If they weren't around, I probably would have offed myself, seriously. I mean, I'm sure a lot of people can relate. Like, it's like I don't want to live another day like this, you know?" Unfortunately, Catelynn's comment about suicide was serious and, after making multiple suicide comments, Kerthy needed to step in.

"She called my phone and, when we started talking to her, she said she wanted to kill herself," Kerthy told a devastated Tyler, who responded through tears, "When she says stuff like that, it's crazy. When you love someone like that, and they say that, it's like, wow. I would literally die."

Thankfully, Catelynn was strong enough to realize that she needed help. So, Tyler quickly found a treatment facility in Tucson, Arizona.

Although MTV's cameras weren't allowed to film at the center, we did see Catelynn's final moments before, as she explained to her mother over the phone, "I contemplated every single way that I could kill myself today," and Tyler's tearful moments after checking her in.