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Tensions Flare During Most Entertaining Exit in 'Bachelorette' History

Blake and Lucas, aka Whaboom, have been butting heads a lot on The Bachelorette this season. Their hate/hate relationship came to a head when they were both sent home during the rose ceremony. And tensions flared while they were giving their exit interviews outside in the driveway.

Blake came over to Lucas, forcefully put his hand on Whaboom's shoulder and said, "What up, Lucas? I just want to say, f*ck you, bro. You're a piece of sh*t! You're here for the wrong reasons." Blake was pretty upset with Lucas for ruining his Bachelorette experience, saying, "I can't help but feel like if you weren't here, I would've had a real shot at getting to know Rachel. But because you were too busy Whabooming and making a joke out of this experience, I'm going home. You win, Lucas." Blake then looked in the camera and added, "Whaboom!"

The two guys then started bickering back and forth, yelling at each other about who is really "a clown." At one point, Blake said, "You're the Whaboom clown. I'm the nice gentleman." Although, it ended with Blake and Lucas, repeating what each other say in over-the-top mocking voices. It ended with Blake telling Lucas, "Let me know when you change the world one Whaboom at a time." And the two went their separate ways, most likely to meet again on Bachelor In Paradise.