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Tesla stock rises on positive valuation calls from Citi, Morgan Stanley

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss the bullish analyst calls on Tesla stock out from Citi and Morgan Stanley.

Video Transcript

JARED BLIKRE: But I am talking about Tesla today, having a nice day, up about 7%, 8%. I'll put a year chart on here. And yeah, we like to focus on Tesla here. And this is after suffering a 60% drop from its record high last year. It's flying high today and having its best day in two weeks. And that's after getting a little analyst love from Citi and Morgan Stanley.

These are both valuation calls, meaning the stock got cheap enough to bring down some of those key ratios back to Earth. Adam Jonas over at MS saying that the stock came close to its $150 bear case target. This is presenting an opportunity for bargain hunters to reach his base case target of $330. That would put it somewhere up in here, I believe. But he's still maintaining a price target of 176.

All right, Citi likes how bullish-- how the bullish winds have been knocked out of its sails over this extended decline. I misspoke earlier. Citi has a near Street price target of $176. And Dave, just looking at this chart of Tesla here, it is from the upper left to the lower right. I don't know what your feelings are in technical analysis, but that's kind of the opposite of what investors want to see.

DAVE BRIGGS: Well, I'm just looking at a couple of things in terms of Elon. Will he have to sell more shares to finance Twitter, which looks like a dumpster fire at the moment? We're going to talk to, of course, Dan Ives next week about Tesla because he tweeted some interesting things today about fears regarding Elon.

And number one is the fear of Musk selling more stock, as I mentioned, but then number three, the attention of Elon all focused on Twitter instead of on Tesla, where shareholders would like to see it. So that-- he's just very distracted at the moment. How will that impact Tesla? It'll be great to talk to Dan Ives on Monday. So join us for that.