U.S. Markets close in 5 hrs 30 mins
  • A
    Will not be watching.
  • R
    Anonymous says it all and all will follow suite.
  • s
    sooner fan
    Would only watch if the grass quits growing or the paint drys. Besides it doesn't cost anything.
  • K
    Who cares? Really! This would be about as boring to watch as the NBA, MLB. soccer, NHL, tennis, badminton, ping pong and last but not least, the NFL. More golfers have more money than they ever deserve already. They would get better coverage by just donating their own money rather than some sponsor's money. Doubt this will draw much viewership.
  • E
    Why don't they have the best play instead?
  • j
    jr. nation
    Its gonna be PPV
  • M
    Keep that wife beater out of the public eye
  • J
    ATT shareholders should be angry at ripoff and start of paying players skyrocking payoffs.
  • b
    Its almost worth it to research who advertises on this absurd money grab nonsense and dont buy their products in the future.

    Why? If you buy the advertisers products, you are paying woods/mickelson directly, because they get paid by advertisers.

    And make no mistake....they are both guaranteed a few million no matter what.

    This is so phony...would be horrible if woods blew his back out again at this thing.