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Time is standing still for these 9 male celebrities

Remember the movie Clueless? “As if” — you didn’t. Alicia Silverstone comes to mind, right, but let’s not forget about her love interest Josh, aka Paul Rudd. The movie was released 23 years ago, and Rudd, now 49, looks just like he did back in his 20s. He’s not the only one who has remained pretty much ageless.

Rudd went from heartthrob to superhero playing Ant-Man on the big screen. He must really have some kind of amazing superpower because he doesn’t seem to age. A decade has gone by, but you can’t even tell — those are some impressive genes.

Musician and producer extraordinaire Pharrell Williams has not lost that youthful vibe either. Can you guess how old he is? If we told you 45, would you believe us? It’s true!

Mario Lopez still looks like he did back in his Saved by the Bell days — A.C. Slater forever — go, Bayside! Time seems to be standing still for the 44-year-old actor turned TV host.

Will Smith will be celebrating his 50th birthday on Sept. 25. Yes, the big 5-0! He’s still has that Fresh Prince face. Age ain’t nothing but a number at this point, Smith.

Take a look at the video above for more male celebrities who are defying the rules of aging.