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Titans suspend activities after positive COVID-19 tests

Yahoo Finance’s On the Move panel discuss breaking news as the Titans and Vikings suspend in-person activities after several Titans’ players test positive for COVID-19.

Video Transcript

JULIE HYMAN: All right, we have to talk about--

- Thank you.

JULIE HYMAN: --what's going on in sports as a result of coronavirus, because we've got some new reports of illnesses, coronavirus cases within the NFL. That is maybe not going to affect the games, but it's going to at least affect the practices for the Titans. Dan Roberts, talk to me about what's going on.

DAN ROBERTS: Well, Julie, it might affect the games. That remains to be seen. You know, we might actually have to see a game postponed or canceled. And I want to mention that what the NFL says about that is there is no algorithm for when a game would need to be postponed. That was an NFL spokesperson on Yahoo Finance about this situation.

Now according to the report, it's that the Titans organization-- we don't know if this was players, personnel, coaches. But amid the organization, eight positive cases. And so as a result, not just the Titans, but the Vikings, the team the Titans just played, are also not allowed back in their own facility. Neither team is allowed back at their own facility for practice.

And for the Titans, not until Saturday, and the Titans have a game the next day. So that raises a lot of questions. You know, are the Titans going to have to play their next game against the Steelers without having practiced at all? Will the game happen?

But according to a contract-- contact tracing, I should say, the most recent report is that they have found 48 other people that were in close contact with the eight people in the Titans organization that tested positive. So you know, it's not necessarily cause for a freak out, but it's alarming.

And it's the first notable example the NFL will have to deal with since the season started. Of course, you know, over in college football, we've had a few examples like this. And the programs have kind of plodded onward. So the next few days will be key, and we'll see what happens.

JULIE HYMAN: And we're watching how this is playing out through some of the companies that are reliant on sports, right? Draft Kings, for example, took a hit earlier in the session. Right now, it's up just about 4/10 of 1%, so it has recovered to some ex--