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Tonya Harding advances to 'DWTS' finale despite mixed reactions from fans

Tonya Harding and her partner Sasha Farber will compete in the Dancing With the Stars finale, thanks in part to her performance on Monday night. Despite being voted into the finale by many fans, many other fans were disappointed.

Harding has been the most polarizing contestant this season. Her checkered past, which includes allegedly being involved in an assault on Nancy Kerrigan, has left her at odds with many fans.

One upset fan tweeted, "Disgraced figure skater over all of those other athletes in the #dwts final? What the hell, America."

But while many fans were upset, others defended the former skater who was banned by the sport and the Olympics. On fan tweeted, "Crazy how everyone thinks they know what happened between Tonya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan. Only God and they know. Don’t be so hateful."

Harding's resurgence into popular culture comes on the heels of the successful film I, Tonya. The film is sympathetic to Harding.

While fans on both sides might argue you over whether or not she should be on the show and in the finals, some fans are just excited for quality television. One fan tweeted, Tonya Harding vs Adam Rippon is the face-off the world could never have imagined but that #DWTS has delivered to us."