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Too soon? Nikki Bella takes dig at John Cena after calling off engagement

Total Bellas stars Nikki and Brie Bella visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon where they talked about how great it is having an identical twin sibling.

When asked about the benefits of having a twin, Nikki said, "Well, when we were young, we would break up with boyfriends for each other."

Brie said, "We never had to go through like the emotions of a breakup because I was like, 'You wanna dump the guy, cool." She went on to explain that she would call Nikki's boyfriends and breakup up with them for her.

The story drew laughs from the audience and disbelief from Jimmy Fallon. But while Brie's story left everyone smiling, Nikki quickly tagged-in to smash those smiles into a turnbuckle.

Nikki then joked, "Where were you a few months ago?" She was referring to her recent break-up with ex-fiance, John Cena. The joke fell flat and was greeted with several groans from the audience. Nikki apologized to the audience, while Brie admitted, "That would have been a hard phone call."

Cena was very open about wanting to make the relationship work, but much to his chagrin, they never got back together. But as a consolation prize, Cena can watch Nikki leave him this Sunday on the season finale of Total Bellas.

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