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Top movers of the week: Bitcoin, GameStop, Twitter

Yahoo Finance Live anchor Seana Smith highlights some of the biggest stock movers of the week.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: Wall Street wrapping up a choppy week for the markets rallying into the close to close the week high. Let's take a look at some of the biggest moves over the past five days. First up, let's take a look at Bitcoin. Bitcoin certainly surging today. Up just about 10%, but the story has really been what's happened over the past five days. So it actually fell below 19,000 earlier this week, rallying into the close. Now up above 21,000.

Now, today's pop is the biggest jump that we have seen now in quite some time since July. Taking a look at the three month chart here you can see-- Oh, I'm looking at GameStop here, which doesn't make sense. All right, Bitcoin. In the three month year, off just about 29%. Let's take a look at that five day chart like I was just talking about here. It was above 19,000 to start the week. Falling below that critical level here. Ending the week just above 21,000. The rally of nearly 10% today.

Now, flipping over to GameStop, because it is certainly a huge story for the week. The meme stock here out with quarterly results. That though is not the big headline that we were paying attention to, it was the new partnership with FTX.

Now those two companies are teaming up on a new commerce and online marketing initiatives. GameStop also is going to start carrying FTX gift cards in some of their stores. So we saw the stock pop really on Thursday jumping as much as 11%, giving back some of those gains though to end the week for the past five days the stock up just about 4.5%. Still though it's been quite a volatile ride for some of these GameStop investors. Year to date stock off just about 22%.

Rounding out the week with Twitter. Now shares jumped on Wednesday after a judge denied Elon Musk's request to delay his October trial with Twitter. Now this is all over that $44 billion deal. The judge though, did, however rule that Musk can amend his counter-suit to include allegations of security flaws and that, of course, comes from Twitter's former top security executive, Peiter Zatko.

We saw the stock pop over the last really I guess Wednesday into the close of the week. The past five days up just over 9%. Since though that deal was announced back in April it has certainly been a wild ride. Here we are today at 42.19, well below that 54.20 where Musk agreed to take Twitter private. So we'll see how this all plays out. It's heading to court though in October and we're excited for that five day extravaganza, I think we can call it.

- Five days in Delaware. October 17th. Thank you, Seana.