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Treasury Department could add nutrition labels to alcoholic beverages

The Treasury Department may soon heed the calls of consumer groups pushing for nutritional labeling on alcoholic beverages.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: It is about that time of day where we started thinking about what we might be drinking tonight. And it's Thursday-- maybe about what you're going to be drinking this weekend. Reportedly, the Treasury Department wants to know what's in what we are drinking. Responding to a lawsuit by the Consumer Federation of America, the Department may push for beer, wine, and spirits companies to display calorie counts involving sizes and ingredients on their labels.

Dave, there are some beer industry-- some players in the beer industry that do this on a voluntary basis. There's been some pushback from winemakers. Josh, our producer, looked up a vodka soda. That's what I like to drink when I'm out, having some fun. It has 133 calories for a 225 gram serving. That's a lot more than what I was expecting to be in it. So I don't think I'm a fan of this labeling for alcohol. What do you think?

DAVE BRIGGS: I'm a huge fan of this happening. I think this is long overdue. 95% of beers already do this voluntarily. I have a problem with the spirits industry in particular, although I texted a distiller in my area. He said, oh, this will increase the cost of doing business, more regulations, slow down product development.

Here's Casamigos, the leading tequila brand on the market from George Clooney. And if you turn it around, we don't know what's in it. And I talked to a lot of liquor store owners who are concerned. They want to know not only the calorie count, they want to know the ingredients. Here's another one. This is the Rock's brand, Teremana. Very different on the back side. He breaks it all down from what's in it to the amount of alcohol per serving, serving size. I think this is long overdue.

SEANA SMITH: But Dave, it has not stopped you from drinking it. Both of those bottles almost gone. Very, very little bit left.