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Trevor Noah Eviscerates Donald Trump Jr: 'Dumber and Dumber at Every Turn'

On The Daily Show With Trevor Noah, Trevor Noah took some digs at Donald Trump Jr. after he admitted that he, Jared Kushner and Paul Manafort met with a Kremlin linked Russian lawyer named Natalia Veselnitskaya to get dirt on Hillary Clinton and the Democrats. Noah said, "This is honestly stupid. It is incompetent and dumb."


Trump Jr.'s defense was essentially that he had gone to the lawyer for information but there wasn't any information to be had. Noah was not a fan of this logic saying, "Donald Jr.'s defense is he tried to collude but instead he got Russian catfished?"

Trust me, I had no idea

And Noah was definitely not buying Donald Junior's claim that he didn't know who this meeting would be with, saying, "So, some random person shows up at Trump Tower, the front desk called Donald, Jr. [and he says] 'Hello? Someone's here to see me? Oh, boy! Send them right up! No, I don't want to know their name! I love surprises! Jared, Paul, you've to see this!'"

Dumb and Dumber

With so many conflicting statements it's hard to say what happened at this point, but Noah felt strongly about the level of incompetence within the administration saying "I don't care if you believe that Russia colluded or not with the Trumps. You have to admit that the Trump team's excuses make them sound dumber and dumber at every turn."