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Trevor Noah speaks out against the violent portion of the Antifa movement

On The Daily Show, Trevor Noah shed some light on the fringe group Antifa. Trevor explained that the Antifa movement is all over the board, with some members just Internet-shaming racists and Nazis, while others want to burn everything down.

Trevor showed a clip from 20/20 of Antifa member, Lacy MacAuley, saying, “Breaking a window is a symbolic act.” The Daily Show anchor responded to the clip by saying, “You might think it’s some deep statement, but most people see that and think ‘Great, now I've got to walk a whole block up to the next Starbucks.’”

Although, those people are not as bad as the other portion or the Antifa movement, who have fought the hatred and violence of the White Nationalist movement with hatred and violence of their own. After showing some clips of Antifa members fighting with White Nationalists in the streets, Trevor said, “It doesn't matter what your noble goal may be. It doesn't matter what you say you are fighting for. When people see that, all they think is ‘Oh, sh*t, it’s vegan ISIS.’” And Trevor went on to explain why fighting fire with fire is a bad idea. “Because your opponents will just use every violent incident to discredit your entire movement,” Trevor continued, “They make it seem like, in a world where white supremacists have a friend in the White House, the real problem is you guys.”