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Trump or Amazon? Popularity contest has clear winner in poll and with Newsroom commenters

“The post office would have been bankrupt had it not been for the internet and shipping items from Amazon.” “Trump is using this as another distraction from real issues.” Newsroom reader comments, along with a new Yahoo Finance poll have made for a clear winner in the popularity contest between Trump and Amazon. (Indeed, Donald may not want to watch the video above)

President Trump has escalated his fighting words about Amazon and CEO Jeff Bezos, calling the online giant out for paying the U.S. Postal Service too little to deliver its packages. Do people agree? Yahoo Finance conducted an online survey of nearly 20,000 readers, and the results aren’t pretty for POTUS. Of those surveyed, 70% are pro-Amazon, compared to 26% who have a positive impression of the president.

Newsroom readers have also chosen sides, and they have no issue with Amazon: “People like Amazon better because they provide consumers a service they actually want or need. Can’t say the same for the president lately.”

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