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    Jim M
    Where is the healthcare and infrastructure?
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    So Hillary is locked up, the wall is built, we have great health insurance, the North Korean nuclear program has shut down, he's bringing jobs back from overseas, wages are going up, etc?
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    "I don't usually talk to democRATS, but when I do, I ask for large fries." President Donald J. Trump
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    What's bizarre is how the host of the show gets personally offended and becomes defensive. If you cant listen to both sides of an argument then maybe you shouldn't be giving advice on TV?
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    But liberals still think being a good public speaker makes you a good President? Lol
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    ’Trump Tells Rich Mar-a-Lago Friends “You All Just Got A Lot Richer” After GOP Tax Bill’
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    Trump lost by more than 3 Million Votes. That's a fact. It's also a fact that the Electoral College selected Trump over the wishes of the "Voters. "
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    Its unbelievable that just because people have a 1.47 (one dollar and forty seven cents) increase in their weekly pay checks they think Shid Head Trump actually did them a Great, Enormous, Incredibley, Largely, Tremendously favor.
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    The facts are that several times during the Obama Presidency GDP went above 4.2, as recently as 2015 in fact. Additionally, you understand the concept of the flywheel in business don't you. When Obama came in, the GDP was negative and 1.8 million private sector jobs were lost in the quarter before he bacame President. It takes a lot to turn that around. When Obama left office, he had 71 straight months of jobs being added, unemployment was cut almost in half, and 2 out of his last three years he posted 2.6% and 2.9% full year GDP rates, Trump's first full 12 months were 2.2%.
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    Genius...needs help with colorings the flag of his own country...wow!