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Trump Faces Rising Republican Pressure to Concede to Biden

Nov.23 -- President Donald Trump is hearing from more and more prominent Republicans that it is time to begin a transition to President-elect Joe Biden and give up his legal challenges to the 2020 presidential election. Bloomberg’s Marty Schenker reports on “Bloomberg Surveillance.”

Video Transcript

- What is the goal the president today, besides trying to count votes in Milwaukee and out at the University of Wisconsin?

MARTY SCHENKER: I think the goal is to keep the narrative going that, you know, this election was fraudulent, and he's not going to concede. There's no sign he's going to do anything other than that. And you know, despite all the losses in court.

- Marty, those were not losses in court. I'll be honest folks, over a beverage of my choice, I did not read all 37 pages of the federal judge in Pennsylvania. But scathing was the operative word, Marty. Who are the legal advisors to the president that can come and can bounce off of something like that decision?

MARTY SCHENKER: Well, I-- you know, his legal and his personal lawyer is Rudy Giuliani. And he shows no signs of changing tactics. I mean, they did revise some of their legal team over the weekend. But you know, despite these outrageous, and in some cases, ludicrous allegations, he's going to continue to press his case. And there's some reports he's going to go directly to state legislatures to try and flip these results, which will not succeed.

- Marty, some of President Trump's staunchest allies-- I'm thinking of senator from Alaska, the senator of North Dakota-- yesterday, called for the transition to Biden to begin. Who will ultimately convinced the president, if anyone? I don't understand quite what the president is playing at. What's his end game?

MARTY SCHENKER: His end game is to stay relevant. There are reports over the weekend that he's thinking about running for president again in 2024. Which would be astounding, because it would freeze the Republican field.

But you know, everybody's talking about rising pressure. But there's no pressure if he doesn't feel the pressure. And I get the sense that Donald Trump couldn't care less what Republicans are telling him to do.

- How will he leave the White House?

MARTY SCHENKER: Well, my speculation is that he will leave quietly. That he'll go to Florida or New Jersey and just not return to the White House. I have said that I think that Donald Trump will never really formally concede this race.

- Marty, the great conversation at the King dining room table, folks' TV dinners last night as we get ready for Thanksgiving. And Marty, the great, great discussion was getting to the Supreme Court. I mean, all of this is the emotion of the president, focusing on Judge Judy, and Fox TV, and the rest of, I'm going to the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court is going to save me. You and I know what Bush v Gore was, and how the Supreme Court dealt with it. Is he going to get the same treatment?

MARTY SCHENKER: I think, until he presents a constitutional question of national importance, he's never going to get before the Supreme Court. Because Supreme Court won't take that case. Because there's no case to take.