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Trump heads to Kenosha, WI, site of Jacob Blake protests

On Tuesday, President Trump traveled to Kenosha, Wisconsin, home to Jacob Blake and recent site for more Black Lives Matter protests, where he announced that the government would provide $42 million in public safety and law enforcement. The President also denied ever being sent to Walter Reed hospital for ‘mini-strokes’. Yahoo Finance’s Rick Newman joins The Final Round to discuss the details.

Video Transcript

- Welcome back to "The Final Round" here on Yahoo Finance. President Trump visiting Kenosha, Wisconsin today to speak with law enforcement officials. Now, this is a city that has been roiled by unrest following the police shooting of Jacob Blake a couple of weeks. Ago and Rick Newman, Wisconsin's governor, was urging President Trump to reconsider his visit.

He made the trip. We actually got some news out of his visit, including his promise of $42 million to support public safety in the state.

RICK NEWMAN: Yeah, and also the mayor of Kenosha asked Trump not to come, but of course he went anyway. And gee, I wonder why he would make a trip to Wisconsin. It could not be related to the fact that this is one of the six swing states Trump needs to win in order to win the presidential election in November.

We've seen all this protesting and the looting in Portland, Oregon. And I can guarantee you Trump is not likely to go to Portland, Oregon, because it's not a swing state. It's not up for grabs. It's a Democratic state. Republicans won't win it.

But yeah, he went to Kenosha, and he brought a bag of goodies with him. That $42 million in aid you talked about, a lot of that will go to businesses that suffered damage from the looting. Some of it will also go to law enforcement.

And he participated in kind of a roundtable discussion there on how to bring calm back to the community. I think one way to bring calm would just be stop inciting racist violence. I don't know if anybody mentioned that to President Trump or not.

- And certainly interesting there, a story that we're keeping an eye on. Rick, I just to get your thoughts on another story that's getting a lot of attention, at least on Twitter. And that comes as President Trump faces some health questions.

Now, he's denying that he made an emergency trip after suffering quote, what he tweeted was a "series of mini strokes." Now we're trying to piece together the pieces of the puzzle. When we drill down to it, it seems like it's related to his upcoming book from "New York Times" reporter Michael Schmidt. But that necessarily wasn't included in the book, right? The fact that he did have mini strokes.

RICK NEWMAN: Right this was looking like an unforced error on Trump's part. What Michael Schmidt did report in his book, which is available just this week, is that when Trump made that unscheduled visit to Walter Reed Medical Center in November of 2019, which got coverage at the time, that the administration had Mike Pence ready to assume the duties of the office of president, if President Trump had to be put under a general anesthetic.

Now, if you were making preparations like that, that would clearly indicate that this was not part of Trump's routine physical, which is why the White House said at the time. And this story that the White House is still sticking by. So something probably happened that was serious enough for the administration to prepare-- that Trump might have had to go under general anesthetic.

Supposedly he did not. But that's what Michael Schmidt reports in his book. Michael Schmidt makes no mention of mini strokes. He said today, mini strokes not in the book. So apparently somewhere online, there was speculation. Because you know, Trump has fumbled a couple of times in public.

He couldn't raise the water glass at West Point that one time. He kind of twisted a little bit while he was climbing a podium a couple of days ago. I think that was in New Hampshire. So some people began to speculate, I think this was on Twitter, that maybe Trump suffered a series of mini strokes.

And then Trump denied in a tweet that he suffered a series of mini strokes, and even used that phrase. I did not suffer quote "a series of mini strokes." So I mean, this is a classic politician mistake, which is when somebody makes some kind of slam against you that might border on slander, when you deny the slander, you're validating the charge.

And sure enough, even now, I'm looking at the "Drudge Report." The main headline on the "Drudge Report" right now is this, Trump denies mini strokes sent him to hospital. And then beneath that, it says video, dragging right leg.

So the "Drudge Report" is at least one news organization, or quasi news organization, that is now openly speculating whether Trump has suffered a series of mini strokes. I should just reiterate there's no evidence that this has actually happened.

It's nothing more than speculation, as far as we know. But you know, it's in the Twittersphere now. And the Twittersphere matters.

- It is in the Twittersphere. It's getting a lot of traction on the Twittersphere. And also there is clearly a lot of speculation here, so I'm sure that this is not the last that we hear about this developing story. All right, Rick Newman thank--