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Twitter erupts after Robert De Niro's censored Trump comments at the Tony Awards

Before introducing Bruce Springsteen at the Tony Awards, Robert De Niro went just a bit off script. It was censored for the TV audience, but De Niro’s lips were easy to read. Not at all surprisingly, the Twitterverse blew up with people curious about what De Niro said.

One person tweeted, “De Niro bleeped twice? Yeah…I’m gonna need to know what he just said.” For every question, there were even more people willing to tell them. What De Niro said was, “I’m going to say this—F*ck Trump.” After getting a standing ovation, he doubled down on that sentiment, saying, “It’s no longer ‘Down with Trump,’ it’s ‘F*ck Trump.’”

After the Springsteen performance, hosts Josh Groban and Sara Bareilles had some fun with De Niro’s ad lib. They came out on stage, Groban dressed as a woman, Bareilles dressed as a man and with a fake beard. “I know what you’re all thinking, sure,” Groban said, “but after De Niro, CBS told us to do something drastic so here we are.”