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Here is what Twitter has to say about that lackluster 'Scandal' series finale

Six years and seven seasons later, gladiators are mourning the series finale of Scandal. The gladiators confessed to multiple wrongdoings, murders, and B613, Quinn visited Charlie in prison to marry him, only Jake Ballard was arrested, and (spoiler alert!) Cyrus Beene murdered David Rosen. However, now that the series finale is over, no one's really talking about any of those things. Instead, viewers took to Twitter expressing their disappointment in the lackluster final episode, with tweets like:

Fortunately, there was one thing that the fans did enjoy- Rowan's final scandal-worthy monologue. "I want to see with my own eyes the face of every white, complacent, privileged man who believes that he is in a position of power when he hears the news that a black man has been running this country for the past 30 years, that he only wields his power because my black power allows him to," said an empowered Rowan. Papa Pope's speech seemed to be the only positive buzz on Twitter. One person tweeted: 

But, ultimately, the series ended as predictably as you could imagine.