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Twitter Reacts to Lack of Diversity in America’s New Boy Band

On the finale of Boy Band, the top five contestants and their new band name was revealed.

Chance Perez, Michael Conor, Drew Ramos, Brady Tutton, and Sergio Calderon are the new members of “In Real Life”. However, what should have been a celebratory moment, unfortunately, quickly became a trending topic on Twitter as fans voiced their disappointment over the lack of diversity in America’s new boy band.

Some users thought that Marcus or Jaden should have made the band, but it’s important to point out that “In Real Life” isn’t completely white-washed.

While America may be unhappy with the new boy band that they voted for, at least there was one moment that we guarantee no one was unhappy about- the Backstreet Boys’ reunion on stage and the performance of their hit “Everybody (Backstreet’s Back)”.