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Twitter says New York Post articles on Hunter Biden violated its policies

Twitter has banned New York Post articles on Hunter Biden due to violating its policies against sharing hacked materials. Yahoo Finance’s Dan Howley weighs in.

Video Transcript


ADAM SHAPIRO: Word on the street-- Dan Howley, I mean, it almost sounds like a bad joke. An unidentified man walks into a bar-- only in this case, it's a computer repair shop-- never returns, and it turns out there might be incriminating evidence on said computer that the legally-blind computer repair shop man turns over to Rudy Giuliani and Steve Bannon-- pillars-- pillars of integrity. So pick it up from there.

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, so now we have Facebook and Twitter reducing the spread of that story. That happened yesterday. Basically, what they said was it can't really be substantiated beyond "The Post's" reporting. And Adam, as you put, a lot of media experts are saying that's a pretty thin amount of ability to corroborate any of the facts of that.

But now, we have politicians coming forward saying that these companies-- Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, to a degree-- need to be reined in. And now they're pushing more for the kind of repeal of section 230. We have Senator Ted Cruz tweeting about two hours ago, unbelievable, yesterday Twitter blocks links to "New York Post" story alleging Joe Biden corruption on China. Today, blocking links to another "New York Post" story alleging Hunter Biden sold access to communist China for millions. I just tried to share that story. Here's Twitter's response.

Now, Ted Cruz, his, obviously, not being able to tweet that, going to be at issue. And now also, Twitter has suspended the Trump campaign's account. That's because of that Hunter Biden story out of the Ukraine. And their reasoning for that is because it shares personal information that was leaked through a hack, and that's also part of the reason why Twitter blocked that in the first place as well.

We had Jack Dorsey kind of coming out and explaining that after Twitter's original response, saying that that wasn't clear enough. He wanted to kind of clear up exactly why those tweets were being blocked or why the story and its reach were being cut down a bit. And Facebook saying that, look, this isn't something that has been fully substantiated yet, and we need to fact check it with third parties before we allowed it to spread like wildfire.

And of course, in addition to those accounts that you mentioned, Dan, the White House press secretary's account-- Kayleigh McEnany's account, was temporarily blocked as well. And then I just want to paint a bigger picture here quickly. Maggie Haberman of "The New York Times" was one of the first mainstream media reporters to actually tweet out this link from "The New York Post," right? And then one of the trending hashtags have been-- has been MAGA Maggie. So there is this more meta kind of look that journalists do have to take, including ourselves, right?

It's a very self-aware moment where people are very quick to tweet and talk about-- and whether it's kind of criticizing the article, whether it's poking holes at it, there is this complete change and a wave in which people are actually consuming resources. And now the amount that reporters have to screenshot a deleted tweet of their own saying, hey, I preemptively clicked send, I should never have tweeted this out in the first place from very reputable journalists, right? Who work at a variety of different media outlets. I think this shows-- I'm very nervous for the presidential election that's coming up, as we anticipate more of these sorts of stories to be to be leaking out of every single outlet here.

ADAM SHAPIRO: Two words on this one-- Steve Bannon. That should tell you everything you need to know.