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Two Tearful Goodbyes on 'The Bachelorette' Cut the Group to Four

It was an emotional night on The Bachelorette as Rachel had to break up with two guys. Although, she hardly knew either one of them so it wasn't that emotional. It was the final week before the hometown visits and Matt and Adam were the only guys left who hadn't been on a one-on-one date with Rachel.

They had their best shot at a one-on-one when they all went to Switzerland, where there was three one-on-one dates. Unfortunately, Matt and Adam were stuck with Eric on an awkward three-on-one date. Bryan, Peter, and Dean all had amazing solo dates with Rachel, which got them all roses and the chance to bring Rachel home to their families. Which meant there was only one rose to go around between the three remaining guys.

Even though Adam had never been on a one-on-one date, he was feeling pretty confident, saying, "My relationship is probably stronger than anybody else's in the house." While Adam was tad delusional, Matt seemed to know that he was about to run out of time. Although, that didn't make it any easier on Rachel, who broke down into tears while sending Matt home. Through the tears, Rachel told Matt, "You have such a soft place in my heart, because you remind me so much of myself."

When it was time to send Adam packing too, he just wanted to make sure that Rachel wouldn't regret her decision to not love him. Before getting into his black SUV, Adam told Rachel "I don't want you to feel that, 'If I kept Adam, would it -- could it have been different?'" As he was being driven away, Adam made it clear that he thought Rachel would regret it, saying, "She made a huge mistake, a massive mistake."