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Tyler Perry reveals his favorite part of being rich

On The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, entertainment mogul Tyler Perry answered a very serious question: Is there one thing money has changed in your life you would never want to let go of?

Perry is probably best known for creating and starring in the Madea franchise, but he’s acted in, written, and produced dozens of projects. Also, Perry owns his own studio, aptly named Tyler Perry Studios, which is, according to Noah and confirmed by Perry, bigger than Warner Bros. Studios. Perry is reportedly worth several hundred million dollars. So what’s the one thing Perry wouldn’t want to go without?

“Just to not have to fly on a commercial plane is really cool,” Perry said. “That’s really cool. I know it’s not a small thing, but it’s really, really cool.” Noah responded, “I thought you were gonna be like, ‘Madagascan grapes.’”

Noah went on to imagine what it’s like to be Tyler Perry flying on a private plane.

“Do you sometimes go sit in the other seats and play other characters? You’ve got to do that just to make the plane feel full,” Noah said. Upon hearing that Perry will soon be traveling with a dozen other people, Noah said, “I thought it was just you and you’d be like, ‘Man, this plane is nice.’ Then you go to the other side and be like, ‘(In Madea’s voice.) Mmm, Madea also thinks it’s nice.’”