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Uber, Lyft drivers call for better pay and working conditions

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Yahoo Finance’s Dan Howley reports details on Uber and Lyft drivers’ one-day strike for better pay and working conditions.

Video Transcript

ALEXIS CHRISTOFOROUS: I want to ask you about another story, though, today that continues to unfold. And that is Uber and Lyft drivers, many of them striking. It's nationwide. And I guess it's being led by a lobbying group. What can you tell us there?

DAN HOWLEY: Yeah, this is a group of drivers who say that Proposition 22-- that was the California law that was passed, essentially saying that companies like Uber and Lyft did not have to treat their employees or workers as employees, and rather, could treat them as independent contractors-- has hurt these drivers. And they say that they want to fight for better pay and better benefits as a result of Proposition 22.

And so this is something that we're going to probably see going back and forth. Originally, the Proposition 22 was put into law as a reaction to the California legislature, saying that drivers should be treated as employees. Proposition 22 then rolled that back. And now there is a law or a proposed law in the house right now, saying that these kinds of workers should have the ability to negotiate. That's expected to also go to the Senate, though. And it's not likely to pass.

So we will see a lot more of this going forward. Obviously, the stance of what these drivers are considered is going to continue to be debated from both drivers and the companies themselves. And we've seen companies fully threaten to pull out of states. Uber and Lyft were threatening to pull out prior to Prop 22's passage, saying that it would have been an untenable situation for them. So this will continue for quite some time.

KRISTIN MYERS: All right, we'll definitely be keeping an eye on that and also, from some of those widespread internet outages. Hopefully it doesn't spread too much further. Tech editor Dan Howley, thanks so much for bringing us all of those details.