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How unusual omelette became popular 'last meal' for outlaws in 'Hangtown'

Placerville, California was known as "Hangtown" during the gold rush because of all the executions that took place there. And when Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern visited with local chef Patrick Mulvaney, he revealed the origins of a very unusual omelette.

Mulvaney said, "So there was a prisoner who said, 'For my last meal, what is the hardest to get to Placerville?' Fresh oysters and fresh eggs. So he asked for the "Hangtown Fry."

The "Hangtown Fry" is an omelette with fresh oysters and smoked bacon inside. And even though Yelp didn't exist in the 19th Century, other prisoners on death row soon heard about the omelette which was good enough to die for - after the ingredients arrived.

Mulvaney said, "That became the traditional last meal before people got hung, because they could get themselves an extra couple of days."

After tasting the omelette, Andrew Zimmern told Mulvaney, "I would take this as my last meal any day of the week if you were making it."

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