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'This Is Us' Star's Raccoon Dinner on 'Running Wild With Bear Grylls'

On Running Wild With Bear Grylls, award winning actor, Sterling K. Brown of This Is Us fame was reaching new heights by hopping onto helicopters and trying out repelling off mountains for the first time in his life.

Sterling and Bear tried tracking a deer and although that proved unsuccessful they were able to visit the wilderness' frozen food section and found a raccoon frozen and dead in the snow.

After digging the frozen solid coon they lugged the dead beast along on their journey. After they pitched a makeshift tree tent, they got to the business of raccoon cleaning, cooking and eating. Sterling seemed a bit nervous that Bear was going to eat Rocky raw, but luckily, Bear liked his raccoon grilled, so Sterling gave it a shot. Sterling said, "It's got a flavor. Raccoon tasted not like chicken, 'cause chicken is delicious."

Bear turned out to be quite the coon skin hat smith and he gave his new buddy a stylish gift which Sterling wore with Davy Crockett style pride saying "I feel kind of badass, maybe a little silly, but kind of badass at the same time too, so, I'ma rock it as long as I can."