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Velveeta serves up a mac and cheese infused martini

Yahoo Finance food reporter Allie Canal joins the Live show to taste test Velveeta's new mac and cheese martini.

Video Transcript


DAVE BRIGGS: Well, we never shy away from getting cheesy here on Yahoo Finance, as she would tell you. But today, we're taking that to the extreme. Allie Canal here with the bold Happy Hour collaboration between Velveeta cheese and BLT Steakhouse. Allie, at first glance, I didn't believe this was real. I thought it was one of those viral jokes. But it appears it is real and that it's--

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Very much real.

DAVE BRIGGS: --spectacular.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Better believe it, baby, because this is happening. This is the Velveeta Veltini. Now, this is available at select locations nationwide at BLT Steak.

SEANA SMITH: I'll be pouring this, too.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Yeah, why not? You can also get it delivered--

SEANA SMITH: You shake it?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: --to your home from Goldbelly. You're right.

DAVE BRIGGS: So just to be clear, this is a cheese martini.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: This is Velveeta infused vodka, olive brines, OK? Velveeta cheese on the rim, dry vermouth. It is a true martini. And I'm a martini girl.

SEANA SMITH: I love martinis. I'm excited about this.

DAVE BRIGGS: I am a dirty martini drinker, a huge fan.

SEANA SMITH: OK, sounds like we are the perfect people, then, to me, we'll stay messy.


SEANA SMITH: Let me give you a little.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Now, it is-- I will say the coloring, at first glance, it looks cloudy. I don't know what to think--

DAVE BRIGGS: It looks creamy--

ALEXANDRA CANAL: --about a cloudy, creamy--

DAVE BRIGGS: --which Velveeta should be.

SEANA SMITH: Extra dirty, maybe.

DAVE BRIGGS: So with a $50 box, if you can't get the BLT--

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Ooh, it actually smells-- DAVE BRIGGS: --the BLT is in New York, DC, and Charlotte. And then if you can't get there, $50 on goldbelly.com.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Yes, while supplies last. So if you're interested in this, you might as well do it.

SEANA SMITH: And I don't know if you guys can see this right here, it has olives and a piece of mac and cheese. So they're really not skimping on the taste here.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: It smells like a dirty martini, I will say.

DAVE BRIGGS: OK, ladies, well--


DAVE BRIGGS: --try to get in there. Let's toast.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: It's been a busy earnings season.


ALEXANDRA CANAL: We deserve this.

DAVE BRIGGS: Netflix, Tesla, United, and Velveeta.

RACHELLE AKUFFO: So while you guys are enjoying that, just a few facts here. So this martini costs about $15. And as we were mentioning, it's mixed with the Velveeta cheese sauce. And you actually have to mix it with the vodka for 24 hours before serving. So this is something to be-- it's clearly something to be savored. And then you add the vermouth in the martini glass. So I'm going to get you off your first initial instincts. Dave, you're pursing your lips. What's your take on it?

DAVE BRIGGS: Listen, I'm, again, a bit of a concierge-- I would give this about an eight.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: It really cuts the vodka.

DAVE BRIGGS: About an eight on the martini scale.


ALEXANDRA CANAL: Does it cut the vodka?

SEANA SMITH: I was going to say, also--

DAVE BRIGGS: I think it's delightful.

SEANA SMITH: --we were not on camera, but all of us took at least two sips, which really tells you something. We're not eating it. That is clear.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: No, at least two sips. It cuts the vodka. Not as intense on the dirty side, but I like that. I don't like an extra dirty martini. So this is kind of the perfect mix for it.

DAVE BRIGGS: My fear was that it might curdle in my --

SEANA SMITH: And it's not.

DAVE BRIGGS: --because that's what--

ALEXANDRA CANAL: It's not curdling.

DAVE BRIGGS: There is no curdle here. You like to score things, and I said an eight. Would you give that?



ALEXANDRA CANAL: I would agree. I could drink this.

SEANA SMITH: I would give it seven to an eight. I like it.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Maybe a seven to an eight.

SEANA SMITH: I like it.


SEANA SMITH: Much better than what I was expecting it to taste like.


DAVE BRIGGS: Did you try the olive/macaroni and cheese?

ALEXANDRA CANAL: I've been waiting to try this.

SEANA SMITH: I thought we were gonna get away with not having to try it.

DAVE BRIGGS: And it is a Velveeta stuffed olive as well. Terrific.

ALEXANDRA CANAL: Oh, yeah, baby.

SEANA SMITH: Pretty good.