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These Walmart-employed women had their wedding at work

Target may be a popular backdrop for wedding photos, but one Pennsylvania Walmart went a step further by hosting an actual wedding in its in-store garden center on March 17.

As the York Daily Record reports, the unconventional location seemed like the perfect choice for newlyweds Leida Torres and Chrissy Slonaker Torres. The couple met while working at the chain’s West Manchester Township, Pa., location, and tying the knot there not only honored their romantic history, it also ensured that several co-workers could be present without having to get a shift covered.

“We both have a lot of really close friends that we call family in our Walmart store,” said Slonaker Torres, who first met Leida in September 2015, said. “We discussed it with the store manager and the home office so that everybody in our store — everybody that we share our lives with — can be a part of the wedding.