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Walmart launches Roblox metaverse experiences

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss the launch of Walmart’s metaverse experience.

Video Transcript

BRIAN SOZZI: All right, Walmart is making its first move into the Metaverse. The retail giant is unveiling two immersive experiences on Roblox's virtual platform called Walmart Land and Walmart's Universe--

BRAD SMITH: It's like Wally World.

BRIAN SOZZI: So, yeah, it is interesting. I saw the tweet that Walmart put out here on this. And it's a full-on Walmart experience. You can go in there and, I guess, buy goods. You know, my question, Brad, does this validate what Mark Zuckerberg is doing in the Metaverse? I say, it does. It's good to see other companies starting to step up here and design these universes. Now, for me, I still want to go to the store and buy goods. I can't see myself touching and feeling around a Walmart store with goggles on, but I appreciate the efforts.

BRAD SMITH: Well that's how you have to have the-- well, with Facebook's product or Meta's product, at least, the Oculus Quest, you would have to have the things on.

BRIAN SOZZI: Yeah, the little toggle.

BRAD SMITH: The little--

BRIAN SOZZI: Controllers.

BRAD SMITH: --controllers, yeah. Yeah, there is a technical word for it. We got to it eventually. But you'd have to have the controllers to really engage within the Metaverse. I think here, it really speaks to what Roblox has already done so well in building out a different verse, if you will, a different realm that people could go into consistently and have those touchpoints, either with friends--


--or within those other universes.

BRIAN SOZZI: I think we're still fired up about that Jerry Jones interview. That was fun. That was a good time.

BRAD SMITH: He said Eagles fans were the best. You heard it first. You heard it here.

BRIAN SOZZI: And he wouldn't sell the Cowboys for $10 million. That's absolutely amazing.