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Walmart+ offers grocery delivery add-on, Disney cocktail costs $5K, American Idol champ speaks out

Yahoo Finance Live anchors discuss Walmart offering a grocery delivery add-on for it's Walmart+ subscribers, Disney's $5,000 'Star Wars' themed cocktail, and American Idol contestant Caleb Johnson speaking out against his own debut.

Video Transcript


- Welcome back, everyone. It is time for [INAUDIBLE], three stories, we put one minute on the clock for each. Let's start with this. Walmart announced today that its in-home grocery delivery service is now available within its Walmart+ membership. The company notes that the two previously standalone memberships are now being combined into one to offer a single streamlined experience for customers. The dual subscription costs roughly $138 a year, which is less than, well, $10 less than the previous annual pricing when Walmart+ and InHome were separate memberships.

Now we were talking about the importance of delivery. And loop in grocery delivery here because that certainly saw its own inflection point over the course of the pandemic. But even more so to the extent that it stayed around and for Walmart adding on these membership perks, I think it's increasingly important for what is the largest grocery retailer here in the US to be able to have this type of delivery service that people are able to opt into.

- [INAUDIBLE] I'm not emotionally convinced yet on this in-home grocery delivery by Walmart. It's been out there for a while. I still find it strange I'm going to let somebody in my house when I'm not at home, per se, and they're going to drop my giant piece of $10 Walmart's steak right into my fridge. That's number one. Number two, I would encourage new Walmart CFO John Rainey, he just joined the company from PayPal, real good dude. Start disclosing how many subscribers Walmart+ has. It's a key initiative at the company. It's supposed to be driving a good amount of revenue. [BUZZER] We do not know how many members this thing has. We need to know.

- We need the numbers.

- All right and as for me, I'm looking at also the new Disney drink aboard the Wish Cruise, the new Star Wars drink that costs $5,000. Yes, it is a $5,000 drink on the new Disney Wish Star Wars theme. A couple of things you get here, Brad. Some cognac, some yuzu and kumquat, which I believe is fruit. I'll Google search myself later on this. Some Grand Marnier, that's good, in three shots, three shots, one Pappy Van Winkle 23-year reserve bourbon. You get a little, I guess some gin and another liquor that I've never heard of because I don't shop for this much, this type of expensive alcohol. But $5,000, wow. That is just a ridiculous drink, ridiculous price. I understand it's experience. You're on there. But what? It costs probably over $5,000 just to even take the cruise. Absurd, absurd.

- This is just a way of bumping up the average ticket prices on board some of these ships. Because all of them talk about how much more people are spending when they are on board these cruise experiences. But, yeah, a $5,000 drink just in time for a potential recession, I imagine that there are going to be a lot [BUZZER] of travelers, voyagers that are not exactly happy about that price tag. They should have used Weller instead. Weller is basically poor men's Pappy Van Winkle but it's still very, very good.

- I agree.

- Yeah. All right, guys, as "American Idol" celebrates its 20th anniversary, season 13 champion Caleb Johnson is sharing unhappy memories. In an interview with "Insider," Johnson criticized his debut single, "As Long As You Love Me--" that is the title of it-- calling it, a quote, "cheesy piece of crap." And he says he couldn't stand singing it. He says he argued with producers to change the song, but they didn't budge.

As a musician, I've worked with some artists in the past, and it's funny to hear about how many artists actually don't like the song that is written for them sometimes or that they co-produce that the producers just want them to continue to move forward with regardless of it. And so this is, unfortunately, another case of that.

- Have you heard this song? I just listened to it before. I'd have to agree. It's a really bad song. It's not remote-- it's not even at least enjoyable. The first minute was bad. The second minute was bad. The third minute was bad. It was all bad. I didn't like it at all. I agree with this artist. Good for him for calling himself out.

- Hopefully it was only three minutes long. Because, my goodness, if it went on much longer than that given this review, scathing as it is, [BUZZER] from Caleb and yourself, then it can't be that good for anybody else to listen to, certainly not a song of the summer.