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Walmart Rebuilds Website in Move to Take on Rival Amazon


Walmart is bringing a more personal touch to its website. The new walmart.com will be customized for each shopper based on history, location and even local weather. With more personalization, Walmart is looking to catch up with its rival Amazon. Walmart's online sales grew to over $10 billion last year, which is only a fraction of Amazon's $60 billion annual sales. Walmart's management believes they can lure customers away from Amazon. Disputes with book publishers and slowing growth have plagued the online giant, and Walmart is a threat. But, Amazon could always sell products that aren't in competition with others. For example, Amazon has been partnering with high end fashion houses that would most likely not consider working with discount stores. Greg Melich, retail analyst at ISI group, thinks Amazon should have no problem surviving because the online shopping arena is still getting larger. He says that many daily staples, such as office supplies, toys and sports gear, are purchased online less than a quarter of the time, and that will change. TheStreet's Julia Sun reports from New York.