Walmart’s Suresh Kumar: Technology is enabling the ‘next generation of retail’

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Walmart Global Chief Technology Officer and Chief Development Officer Suresh Kumar joins Yahoo Finance's All Markets Summit to discuss how technology is disrupting the retail sector.

Video Transcript

- Earlier this year, though, you announced about 5,000 people you're adding to this team, with hubs in places like Atlanta, as well as Toronto. Where are you along-- in that journey, and what does that say about how Walmart sees tech driving its next chapter?

SURESH KUMAR: Yeah. I am leading a global team of wonderful technologists across the world, and we are building the next generation of retail, the experiences for our customers. And we are building the tools and technologies that are completely transforming our business. As you know, Walmart's purpose is really about saving money and helping people lead better lives.

Technology is such a critical part of delivering on this promise. And that's what we are setting out to do. Whether it is enabling the customer to be able to buy right in the middle of their social feed when they get inspired or having their products delivered all the way into the refrigerator, we are building the technology that enables all of this to happen. And we are building tools and capabilities that are completely transforming our business.

Retail is getting disrupted, and the role of technology really is to actually help Walmart be the retail leader in the disruption that's already starting to happen. And we can see that in customer experiences. We can see that in the way in which we use data to drive efficiencies. We can see that in the ways in which our associates are working in order to be able to serve our customers better. All of this is part of the transformation that is enabled by technology. And that's what me and the team are setting out to do.