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Warren Buffett auctions a signed Motiva portrait to benefit Girls Inc.

Yahoo Finance Editor-in-Chief Andy Serwer discusses billionaire Warren Buffett's latest charitable endeavor.

Video Transcript

SEANA SMITH: Warren Buffett, the billionaire, auctioning off a one-of-a-kind motiva. You can see right there on your screen. It's signed by Warren Buffett himself. Andy, what is this one all about?

ANDY SERWER: Yeah, it's a little hard to explain. I'm glad we have these pictures up because it's a piece of digital art. You can see it there. And it's signed by Buffett himself. It's an Israeli company, Motiva. And you can see there that there are words in the painting or picture that are his famous sayings, quotations, and they kind of come and go. You know, it's lit up. And all the proceeds for this auction go to Girls Inc., which is an Omaha charity that supports girls from low-income backgrounds. And the auction is this month. So it should be pretty interesting to see how that pans out.

DAVE BRIGGS: And he supported this group before? And is this part of the new transition, if you will, of Warren Buffett to that next chapter?

ANDY SERWER: Well, yeah, I mean, you know, when you got $100 billion and you're 92 years old-ish, right, then, Dave, your mind starts thinking about what you're doing. And of course, he has the Giving Pledge that he's done with Gates and convincing all these billionaires around the world to donate their money. But, you know, he has supported Girls Inc. of Omaha for a number of years, and it goes back to his late first wife Susan Buffett, who helped develop this, help found this organization. And his daughter Susie Buffett has been very active in this organization. I spoke to her about it as well.

And so Buffett has supported this organization with a number of auctions. He auctioned his wallet off one time. He's also gotten these-- this group-- he auctioned off his Cadillac-- that was a great story-- his 2006 DTS Cadillac, which I rode around in a number of years ago with him behind the wheel in Omaha. I'm glad he auctioned it off, to be perfectly honest with you. And then he--

DAVE BRIGGS: Is he a fast driver, the Oracle, or?

ANDY SERWER: It's just a little-- a little careless.

SEANA SMITH: A little shaky? Yeah, OK.

ANDY SERWER: I mean, he was in his 80s at that point. And he's also done things like bought these girls 17 ukuleles. That's a long story there. And he's done some speaking for the group as well, where one time Maya Angelou didn't show up, and they called him up and said, would you talk? And he goes, sure. Just stepped right in. And apparently, it was sensational.

DAVE BRIGGS: I'm sure it was perfect. All right, Andy Serwer, good stuff. Thank you, sir. Appreciate you being here.