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Watch an extremely awkward interview with the 30-year-old evicted from his parents’ house

This week, a judge ruled that 30-year-old Michael Rotondo must move out of his parents house after refusing to do so. If that wasn’t embarrassing enough, his interview with CNN’s Brooke Baldwin was certainly something to behold.

It began with a series of "hi's" between Baldwin and Rotondo that could be chalked up to video delay but foreshadowed additional awkwardness. Later Rotondo at times seemed to lose his train of thought and at one point sipped from a bottle of water.

And while the bulk of the interview focused on why Rotondo refused to move out after living with his parents for 8 years, there was a strange tangent about the definition of a millennial.

After Baldwin said that many critics found his behavior symptomatic of the generation, Rotondo argued that he's not a millennial as he's conservative and they are usually liberal. Baldwin interrupted to say that being a member of the millennial generation is based on your birth year, not your political affiliation.