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Why cannabis reform could be a major tool in rectifying the racial wealth gap

Robin Hood CEO Wes Moore talks with Yahoo Senior Writer Zack Guzman about the cannabis industry and reform it needs.

Video Transcript

WES MOORE: Right now, as it stands, if a person has a-- has a felony record, they can come back, come back home and apply for certain jobs in the cannabis industry versus a person who has a-- has a misdemeanor or a felony record in the cannabis industry. They can not apply for a job because their arrest record is because of cannabis, which makes no sense.

The second piece, though, that becomes equally important is-- is on this issue of the wealth divide, where we can not have this be a platform where it is creating a massive amount of new wealth and new opportunity and not have there be a conversation about, but what does that mean for communities of color, where, right now, the-- you know, the wealth gap between America's richest and poorest families have more than doubled from 1989 to 2016?