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Why Fmr. Software Engineer Turned Portfolio Manager Isn't Buying Apple


Apple (AAPL) is out with its third quarter earnings. Investors have been much anticipating the report. The tech giant posted profits of $1.28 a share, that's a nickel better than forecasts. On the revenue side, Apple earned $37.4 billion dollars, that was just a sliver above expectations. Kim Caughey Forrest is a Senior Analyst at Fort Pitt Capital. Before she turned into an portfolio manager, she was a software engineer for 13 years. She believes that gives her an understanding of how businesses make decisions in the world of enterprise technology. Her fund is value oriented-growth focused and Forrest says Apple stock is too volatile than she is comfortable holding. Forrest says she is more focused on tech companies that have business as their focus. Find out more as she talks to TheStreet's Susannah Lee.