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Winter Storm Orlena hits the east coast

The Weather Channel's Chris Bruin joins Yahoo Finance Live to give updates on winter storm Orlena that is wreaking havoc on the East coast.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: We want to show you something, because the weather is such a big story today. Seana and I are going to get to the Market News in just a second, but take a look at what's happening. This is New York City, 18th floor, and I want you to see the snow outside the window. We've got about two feet of snow coming down in New York, and it's still coming down. The scotch is ready for after the show, as we pass the bar.

You can see right there, you got about two feet of snow. That's the benefit of TV journalism and live video, we can show you what's happening. And one person who's going to show us what's happening in real time is Chris Bruin from the Weather Channel. Chris?

CHRIS BRUIN: Hey, Adam. Hey, Seana. Thanks for having me. Let's show you an update from Central Park, Columbus Circle. Popular spot, right? One thing I am noticing is, believe it or not, this is a lot lighter than what we've been seeing most of the day. The intensity of the snow has come down just a little bit. Not to say we're out of the woods, but it's certainly not nearly as heavy as what we've been seeing for probably six to eight hours this morning and this afternoon.

I want to paint this picture. Notice the police vehicles, I mean, they are just shrouded in snow. Snow really plastering even the sides of the skyscrapers, the subway stations. We even had word snow was getting into the George Washington Bridge, the tunnel. So you've got to have a lot of wind and potent snow for that to happen. Take a look at the scene here, high above. You're actually able to see the tops of the towers. That wasn't possible, you know, a couple of hours ago.

And even make your way to some of these really big high rises, some of them still under construction here on the south end of Central Park, and the clouds really coming through. Winds are still going to be a problem. So here's where we stand at the moment. Official observations-- now, this was as of 1:00 PM this afternoon, National Weather Service in New York City saying 13.3% inches has fallen officially in Central Park. That's well over a foot.

And again, that was earlier this afternoon, so we may already have another couple of inches. And remember, that's the Central Park. Numerous areas probably have a lot more than that. We've had unofficial reports of over 20 inches already in parts of New Jersey, and so, we're already on our way to two feet. And remember, we still have to get through the rest of the afternoon, this evening, overnight tonight, and then into the day tomorrow.

Those winter storm warnings remain in effect until 6:00 AM local time. That's when the worst of the weather should be done, but snow stays in the forecast until Wednesday, rather light. It's going to take a while to really clear out from this storm, and it's going to take a lot longer to clean up from this storm. So let's show you the overall snowfall forecast and where we stand additionally, on top of what we have already seen, on top of all of this snow that you see.

In some cases, it's hard to even walk around. Cars are buried. I saw video out of Queens, I mean, not only were they dealing with the snow storm, but also coastal flooding on the order of two feet. And those gusty winds causing some major waves out towards the coast, especially on the Jersey Shore and Long Island, 40 to 50 miles per hour. An additional four to six inches could be expected over the next 24 four hours, and I think that will be the bulk of the storm here for the greater New York City area.

In fact, if we were to end up with 18.1 inches, officially that would make this into the top 10 largest snowstorms in recorded history for New York City. Now, in 2016, we had a really big winter storm. I think a lot of folks remember that. Winter storm Jonas. This one rivals that. I don't think we'll quite see those totals, but I could be wrong. And I'm not going to say it's off the table completely.

But if that heavy band sets up and shifts back over New York City, like we had earlier this afternoon, we could very well be on our way for over two feet of snow. At the moment, that's not looking likely, but still not out of the realm of possibility. So New York City sanitation department has been around the clock. They've got over 2,000 plows, and men and women plowing hundreds of miles of streets here. And again, the New York City mayor urging everybody to essentially stay home.

A lot of people walking, not a lot of people driving, and that's the way to go. But I will say, there is an air just walking around. You've got people, kids, and adults, and pets, by the way, just loving the scene. They have to get it on the camera, to let their friends and family know what's happening here in New York City. It's quite the ride. And even though we didn't have in-person school, we had virtual learning here for a lot of the metro areas, it almost felt like a snow day.

Even if you did have to go to work, it just hard to ignore what's happening outside your window. It really is quite the spectacle here, in the biggest city in America, guys.

SEANA SMITH: It certainly is, Chris. And I'm looking out the window right now. There's snow plows going. They've been going all night. Started last night, going all day today. So certainly something to watch. It's been quite some time since we've seen snowfall like this in the city. All right, Chris Bruin of the Weather Channel. Thanks so much for giving us an update.