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Woman forms a beautiful bond with a bee

Last year, Fiona Presly was gardening outside her home in Scotland when she came across a bee that appeared to be struggling. She told the Dodo, "I picked her up and noticed there was something peculiar. She had no wings." Presley decided to help the insect and rescue her. She also gave her a simple but appropriate name — “Bee.”

Presly contacted the Bumblebee Conservation Trust for help and learned that her new friend probably had a virus that had caused problems with her wing development. To help her live a little longer, she made a private garden for the queen bumblebee. Soon, the two were bonding. Bee showed her affection by crawling on Presly’s hand and face. “She seemed so happy to see me. It made me stop and think — there’s something going on here.”

Sadly, five months after being rescued, Bee fell asleep in Presly's hand and never woke up again. Presly remembers her friend fondly: “The fact that she lived more than just a few weeks amazed me. That was rewarding in itself.”