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Young investors have these 2 big goals right now: Edward Jones managing partner

In a new interview with Yahoo Finance's Adam Shapiro, Edward Jones managing partner Penny Pennington discussed the financial firms' clientele and how its clientele's goals have evolved over time.

Video Transcript

ADAM SHAPIRO: Do the majority of your clients come to Edward Jones for retirement planning or for totality? For instance, planning I've got a child who's going to be going to college in 12 years. How do they-- who are the majority of the clients and how do they approach this?

PENNY PENNINGTON: Yeah, well, so often we get pretty wrapped up in thinking about retirement. And, Adam, we should, right? The debt-- it's in the data. Many of us are going to live in retirement for decades, for many, many years. And when you add on to that the necessity to pay for health care, to pay for long-term care, knowing that we want our health spans and our lifespans to marry up rather than to diverge.

What that means is that the planning for retirement takes many years pre-retirement in order to do that well. And so our clients come to us as multidimensional human beings, who got a lot on their minds about what they're trying to accomplish. And that does change and ebb and flow over time. We might talk about this in a moment, but it certainly has changed as a result of the pandemic.

So, for example, younger investors are coming to us now saying, you know, I get it. I need to save for an emergency, and I need to save for the unexpected. Those two goals associated with the conversations that we're having with our clients are the two that have gone up most significantly.