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YouTuber Jason Nash responds to Trisha Paytas’s accusation that his fat shaming caused their breakup

Trisha Paytas is a popular YouTuber with nearly 4 million subscribers. Under the handle blndsundoll4mj, she frequently posts happy-go-lucky videos of her eating, her music videos, and her and her boyfriend, fellow YouTuber Jason Nash.

But her latest post, on June 21, was titled “we broke up because I’m too fat.” Paytas tearfully explained that Nash had made an offhand comment while filming something for a reality show.

"He said, ‘Yeah, except me and Trish, we're both fat,’” she said, quoting Nash. She went on, "I get a lot of fat comments and fat stuff on the internet ... and everyone knows my struggle and insecurity, especially Jason. ... We had a fight about a week ago. I didn't eat in front of him for a week."

Friday morning, Nash posted a video simply titled “my response,” where he took issue with Paytas’s recollection of the reality show shoot. He said he had never called her fat, but instead he jokingly riffed on the word “wait” — which the reality show producer had said offhand.

"[He said] you're going to have to wait, or something like that," Nash said in his video. "And I said, ‘Yeah, we're overweight’ ... so [Trisha] didn't like that."

Nash also denied that he ever took issue with or criticized Paytas's weight. "She's the perfect size for me; I do not care," he said.