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Zodiac sign compatibility: Why Leos J.Lo and A Rod's relationship works

So what happens when the apple of your eye has the same zodiac sign as you? Is it like dating yourself? Love explains that people with the same sign tend to look at the world in the same way. They might find similarities in their likes, dislikes and ways of thinking.

Love offers J.Lo and A Rod as a prime example. They’re both Leos and they certainly seem to have compatibility for days.

Leos love to take center stage and tend to feel confident in front of a crowd. They love to be admired for their special talents, and are drawn to people who recognize that in them. Just look at the way A Rod takes his own personal pictures of J.Lo on the red carpet. Perhaps only another Leo would know just how to give the right amount of applause and admiration.

Love explains that when two Leos get together there’s double the passion, excitement and fun, but also double the stubbornness, vanity and ego. Two Leos in love may need to put some extra effort into check their egos in order to leave some room for each other’s natural dominance.

It seems these two Leos have figured out the balance, and since it’s Leo season, these fire signs are pretty hot and heavy right now. Love explains that connecting with a sign mate can feel like looking in a mirror, and it probably helps that Leos kind of love looking in mirrors.