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  • Kroger surges, Pier 1 sinks and Blackberry may be back from the dead

    Breakout Staff at Breakout4 mths ago

    Time for your daily dose of Trending Tickers, the stocks that you're tracking as measured by Yahoo Finance ticker searches. Making the list today are:

    Kroger (KR) - The super market giant is up more than five percent on an earnings beat. We've said it a hundred times - grocery is the most unforgiving business on the planet. Kroger shares have doubled in the last two years and the company has a net margin of 1.5%. Staying alive gets you into the grocery Hall of Fame. Thanks to its purchase of Harris Teeter and successful roll-out of in-house organics, Krogers was able to boost its earnings forecast to a range of $3.19 to $3.27 versus prior outlook of $3.14 to $3.25. At Facebook that'll get you fired but for Kroger it's good for a 5% gain.

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  • Intel surging, Express jumping on stake, Yelp investors betting on sale - Trending Tickers

    Breakout Staff at Trending Tickers4 mths ago

    Time for your daily dose of trending tickers, the stocks that you're tracking as measured by Yahoo finance ticker searches:

    Intel (INTC): The world's largest chipmaker surges to a new ten-year high, up over six percent today. Powering the move is a lift to the company's second-quarter revenue forecast, leading to annual sales that will increase for the first time since 2011. The company says 2014 is finally the year that corporate America spends money on long overdue upgrades to PCs and servers. Nothing is impossible. There has been a demonstrable rise in corporate spending on things other than share buybacks this year. Capex growth would certainly help Intel. As for the stock it hasn't seen these levels in more than a decade. Looking at the 15-year chart it's pretty clear the stock has built a pretty good base technically. Hats off to shareholders.

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