• Financial Timesyesterday

    US market jitters set to persist on trade war uncertainties

    p It has been the worst week on US equity markets since — well, only since two weeks ago, but the mood among investors and Wall Street analysts soured notably. Instead of seeing the US-China trade war as a temporary headwind that will end in a deal, more forecasters have set the imposition of higher and more damaging tariffs as their base case. The unease is buttressed by the spectre of softening global growth.

  • Build better money habits with these 3 simple steps

    Build better money habits with these 3 simple steps

    According to research from Duke University, habits make up around 45% of our daily behaviors . If there's an aspect of your financial life you want to change — save more for retirement or cut out superfluous spending — the best way to make a lasting change is to tweak your daily habits . If you've ever set a lofty New Year's resolution and failed to keep it — as 88% of people do, according to a 2007 survey by British psychologist Richard Wiseman — then you know how hard it can be to try to make a dramatic change overnight.

  • Avoid Paying Taxes on Social Security Income

    Avoid Paying Taxes on Social Security Income

    Some people have to pay federal income taxes on the Social Security benefits they receive. Typically, this occurs only when individuals receive benefits and have other substantial sources of income from wages, self-employed earnings, interest, dividends, required minimum distributions from qualified retirement accounts, and other taxable income that must be reported on their tax returns. Taxable Social Security Income In accordance with Internal Revenue Service (IRS) rules, you won't pay federal income tax on more than 85% of your Social Security benefits.

  • Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal and wife stopped from leaving India - airport official

    Jet Airways founder Naresh Goyal and wife stopped from leaving India - airport official

    The couple were taken into custody by immigration officers, the Indian Express reported, citing sources. Local media, citing sources, reported earlier this month that the ministry of corporate affairs had been looking into Jet's books and had asked for a corporate fraud investigation into the airline, suspecting that its promoters siphoned off funds. Once one of India's largest carriers, Jet was forced to ground all flights last month after running out of money and failing to secure funds, crippled by mounting losses as it attempted to compete with low-cost rivals.

  • TheStreet.com4 hours ago

    Legg Mason to Cut 120 Jobs as Reality Bites With Activist Peltz on Board

    Here's what happens when a big U.S. mutual-fund manager, beseiged by the growing popularity of exchange-traded funds, suddenly has to confront a legendary corporate raider in its own board room: job cuts. Legg Mason , a mutual-fund firm founded over a century ago and now with $758 billion under management, plans to cut 120 positions as part of a cost-cutting effort, according to an internal memo sent to staff by CEO Joseph Sullivan. A copy of the memo was forwarded to TheStreet by company spokeswoman Mary Athridge.

  • Huawei's 'fake demand' distorted global semiconductor growth
    Yahoo Finance2 days ago

    Huawei's 'fake demand' distorted global semiconductor growth

    In the months leading up to Washington's decision to ban Huawei from doing business with US suppliers, the Chinese company stockpiled nearly a years worth of components in anticipation of coming headwinds. Now, the global semiconductor sector may have to pay for it. In all, analyst Sebastian Hou says the Chinese company's inventory buildup added 8% to the chip sector's global revenue growth in the 1st quarter, or $35 to $40 billion.

  • Investopedia2 days ago

    The Difference Between a Limit Order and a Stop Order

    If you want to buy an $80 stock at $79 per share, then your limit order can be seen by the market and filled when sellers are willing to meet that price. A stop order is a two-part order and will only turn into an actual limit order seen by the market once the stop price has been met or exceeded. The limit order is conditional on the stop price being triggered.

  • JPMorgan's Kolanovic Sees a ‘Trump Collar’ on U.S. Stock Market
    Bloomberg2 days ago

    JPMorgan's Kolanovic Sees a ‘Trump Collar’ on U.S. Stock Market

    The stock market may be bound in a range by U.S. President Donald Trump, according to JPMorgan Chase & Co.'s Marko Kolanovic. There's a “Trump collar” on markets as the president reassures traders when equities are down, but does things that worry investors when they're doing well, said JPMorgan's global head of macro quantitative and derivatives research. Kolanovic's positive on aspects such as the Federal Reserve's effects, the U.S. and Chinese economies and investor positioning.

  • How China could use its massive US debt holdings as a trade war weapon
    CNBC Videos2 days ago

    How China could use its massive US debt holdings as a trade war weapon

    China is currently the largest holder of U.S. government debt. It now owns $1.12 trillion in U.S. Treasury bonds. If China decided to sell off its U.S. government debt holdings as a form of retaliation in the ongoing trade war with the U.S. and President Donald Trump, it could upend global financial markets and drive U.S. interest rates higher.

  • Here's how the world's billionaires make their money
    Yahoo Financeyesterday

    Here's how the world's billionaires make their money

    Most billionaires in the world didn't inherit their wealth. Most billionaires put their money into public holdings — 36.4% of their portfolios were allocated to this asset class — followed by private holdings at 35%, liquid assets such as cash at 26.4%, and real estate and luxury assets at around 2.2%. Breaking the group down, those with $1 to $2 billion in assets generally invested mostly in liquid assets, while those with over $50 billion invested mostly in public holdings.

  • Model Emily Ratajkowski: 'organic content is king' in brand building
    Yahoo Finance5 hours ago

    Model Emily Ratajkowski: 'organic content is king' in brand building

    Emily Ratajkowski knows a thing or two when it comes to building a brand. The actress and top model has 22.8 million Instagram followers, her own bodywear, swimwear & intimates line, and is also the “Chief Taste Officer” of BABE, a sparkling canned wine brand. Recently, Ratajkowski said the key to her success stems from her beginnings as a social media influencer.

  • AlphaOne's Dan Niles' tech sector picks
    CNBC Videos2 days ago

    AlphaOne's Dan Niles' tech sector picks

    Dan Niles of AlphaOne Capital Partners joins CNBC's "Closing Bell" for an exclusive interview.

  • U.S Mortgages – Mortgage Rates Fall for a 4th Consecutive Week
    FX Empire13 hours ago

    U.S Mortgages – Mortgage Rates Fall for a 4th Consecutive Week

    Mortgage rates fell for a 4th consecutive week in the week ending 23rd May. 30-year fixed rates fell by 1 basis point following on from a 3 basis point fall from the previous week. The 1 basis point fall took 30-year rates to 4.06% according to figures released by Freddie Mac. Following the weekly fall, 30-year fixed rates stood 60 basis points below levels from 12-months ago.

  • Fox Businessyesterday

    Uber’s first employee, who’s now a billionaire, resigns from company’s board of directors

    Uber's first employee, who's now a billionaire, has informed the company that he is resigning from the board of directors, according to an SEC filing Friday. The filing from Uber Technologies Inc. stated Ryan Graves told the company of “his intention to resign as a member of the Company's board of directors, effective as of May 27, 2019, including any committees of the board of directors on which he serves.

  • Female CEOs are competitively paid, but greatly outnumbered
    Associated Press2 days ago

    Female CEOs are competitively paid, but greatly outnumbered

    The few women who are CEOs of the largest U.S. companies typically make more money than their male counterparts but aren't close to the top of the leaderboard for pay packages. The median pay package for female CEOs in the 2018 fiscal year was $12.7 million, compared with $11.2 million for men, according to data analyzed by Equilar for The Associated Press. The top earner there — Discovery CEO David Zaslav — earned a pay package worth almost six times that of the most highly paid female CEO — Mary Barra of General Motors.

  • Newly legalized hemp industry set to create a jobs boom in the US

    Newly legalized hemp industry set to create a jobs boom in the US

    A provision in the 2018 Farm Bill makes hemp, marijuana's no-buzz cousin, no longer a federally illegal substance. It allows farmers and other cultivators to grow the leafy, lanky plant and sell its harvest to processors so they can make hemp-based products ranging from foods, beverages and cosmetics to paper, clothing and building materials. Twenty-four states have hemp farming.

  • Benzinga23 hours ago

    Barron's Picks And Pans: Boston Beer, MGM, Target, Visa And More

    This weekend's Barron's cover story takes a look at digital payments giants. Other featured articles review the top dividend payers of the first quarter; placing bets on the future of tech; tariffs and the price of beer. Also in the issue: the prospects for a lagging hospitality giant, an agriculture spinoff and two very different retailers.

  • TheStreet.com3 hours ago

    Buy Alibaba Shares on the Dip, Says Stifel, Adding It to Select List

    The recent decline in Alibaba shares represents a good buying opportunity, wrote Stifel analyst Scott Devitt on Friday, adding the Chinese e-commerce giant to the company's Select List of top investments. The stock has fallen 20% to $156 a share since the close on May 3, the last trading day before President Trump imposed higher tariffs on Chinese goods just as the market was pricing in optimism a trade deal would be agreed on. Devitt noted the stock is down 12% since May 15 when Alibaba reported a stellar earnings report in which it beat earnings per share estimates by 33% on the back of explosive revenue growth in cloud computing and strong performance in its core e-commerce business.

  • U.S.-China trade, Costco earnings — What to know in the week ahead
    Yahoo Finance3 hours ago

    U.S.-China trade, Costco earnings — What to know in the week ahead

    Last week, the Dow closed lower for the fifth straight week, and it could be another turbulent week for markets as investors continue to monitor negotiations progress between the U.S. and China. The recent incoming economic data in the U.S. has been weak and thus is pointing to a soft second quarter. What surprises us is that, despite these signs of a rapid slowdown in US economic growth and the renewed escalation in trade tensions, the S&P 500 has held up surprisingly well,” Capital Economics wrote in a note Friday.

  • The Differences Between 401(k) and 403(b) Plans

    The Differences Between 401(k) and 403(b) Plans

    k) vs. 403(b): An Overview Named after sections 401(k) and 403(b) of the tax code, respectively, both 401(k) plans and 403(b) plans are qualified tax-advantaged retirement vehicles offered by employers. The primary difference between the two is the type of employer sponsoring the plans — 401(k) plans are offered by private, for-profit companies, whereas 403(b) plans are only available to nonprofit organizations and government employers. Another key difference between 403(b) and 401(k) plans lies in the investment options each offer, although that distinction is lessening over time.

  • Michigan Legislature approves bill to cut high auto premiums
    Associated Press2 days ago

    Michigan Legislature approves bill to cut high auto premiums

    Michigan's Legislature on Friday passed a landmark bill that would cut the country's highest auto insurance premiums by letting drivers forego a one-of-a-kind requirement to buy unlimited medical coverage for crash injuries. The votes followed the announcement of an agreement between Republican legislative leaders and Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer. She said the legislation would guarantee rate reductions for every motorist and offer choice among personal injury protection, or PIP, levels.

  • TheStreet.com4 hours ago

    Micron Bears Have Some Serious Soul Searching to Do Now

    Inevitably, reality sets in, and the market comes crashing down, as it did last year, taking Micron stock with it. Just look how much money some people lost, the bears say, in Micron's 50% decline from its 52-week high of $64.66, on June 1 of last year, to a recent $34.02. Things can get worse for Micron's earnings estimates, but that doesn't mean the stock will continue to crater.

  • Reuters2 hours ago

    Teva Pharm to pay Oklahoma $85 mln to settle opioid claims

    BOSTON/JERUSALEM, May 26 (Reuters) - Teva Pharmaceutical Industries said on Sunday it had agreed an $85 million settlement with the state of Oklahoma days before the company was set to face trial over allegations that it and other drugmakers helped to fuel the U.S. opioid epidemic. Teva, the world's largest generic drugmaker, said the settlement "does not establish any wrongdoing on the part of the company" and denied contributing to opioid abuse in Oklahoma. Claims against Teva focused on the branded opioid products Actiq and Fentora as well as generic painkillers it produced.

  • Reuters2 days ago

    Wall St. edges higher after Trump sparks U.S.-China trade hopes

    Wall Street's major stock indexes edged higher on Friday after falling in the previous session, as hopeful comments from U.S. President Donald Trump regarding trade relations with China assuaged concerns among some investors. Trump said late on Thursday that he saw a resolution to the trade war with China "happening fast." He added that Chinese telecom equipment company Huawei Technologies Co Ltd, which the White House has blacklisted, could also be included in a trade deal. No high-level talks between the United States and China have been scheduled since the last round of negotiations in Washington two weeks ago.

  • China's largest chipmaker is delisting from the Nasdaq
    TechCrunch2 days ago

    China's largest chipmaker is delisting from the Nasdaq

    SMIC, which is backed by the Chinese government and state-owned shareholders, will focus on its existing Hong Kong listing going forward but there will be trading options for those holding U.S-based ADRs. In its announcement, SMIC said it plans to delist for reasons that include limited trading volumes and "significant administrative burden and costs" around the listing and compliance with reporting. What it doesn't say is that this is linked to the frosty relationship between the U.S. and China, and already the company has played that rationale.