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  • Soaring home prices made you house-rich? Here's how to make the most of it

    Soaring home prices made you house-rich? Here's how to make the most of it

    You're living inside a giant piggy bank now — and have options for shaking out some cash.

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    Global CIO Office: U.S. 10-Year Yield of At Least 2%

    Jun.14 -- Global CIO Office CEO Gary Dugan says most forecasters see U.S. inflation at around 2.5% this year - which would warrant a U.S. 10-year yield of at least 2 percent. He was speaking with David Ingles on "Bloomberg Markets: China Open."

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    U.S. financial executive dies by suicide as firm faces fraud claims

    The co-founder of a Florida financial firm facing investor lawsuits alleging securities fraud has died by suicide, and a spokesperson on Monday denied wrongdoing, saying the death was not connected to a class action lawsuit filed last week. Eric Holtz, the 54-year-old co-founder of the Seeman Holtz Family of Companies in Boca Raton, took his own life on Friday in California, the company spokesperson confirmed. Lawsuits claim that Holtz, business partner Marshal Seeman and their insurance and financial firm defrauded elderly investors in South Florida using life insurance policy-backed notes.

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    Financial Times

    How the wealthiest Americans get away with paying no tax

    The US has long had two tax systems: one for people who work for a living, and another for the wealthy. Many of America’s richest billionaires paid virtually no taxes on hundreds of billions of dollars in added wealth over the past decade, an eye-popping new report from ProPublica has revealed. The details of this story, based on leaked Internal Revenue Service data, may be shocking.