Electric air taxis are nearing launch. Here’s how to invest.

You could be flying above traffic to the airport in an electric air taxi for the same cost as an Uber (UBER) by 2025, at least according to Joby Aviation (JOBY). Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing vehicles (eVTOLs) promise efficient, battery-powered transport akin to urban Ubers or Lyfts (LYFT) in the sky. With backing from major players like Delta (DAL) and Toyota (TM), Joby thinks they can be first to market in the crowded space. However, regulatory approval remains a key hurdle. The Federal Aviation Administration thinks a competitive, scaled air taxi market could launch in at least one location by 2028. Yahoo Finance spoke with industry investors, officials, and analysts, and traveled to Joby’s manufacturing facility in Marina, CA, to get a closer look at what to expect from this emerging sector. For those looking to play the future of aviation, regulatory hurdles, lack of infrastructure, and customer affordability are among the top considerations when sussing out eVTOL investments. If you’re going to future-proof your portfolio, you need to know what’s NEXT. In this series, Yahoo Finance will feature stories that give a glimpse at the future, and show how companies are making big moves today that will matter tomorrow. For more on our NEXT series, click here, and tune in to Yahoo Finance Live for more expert insight and the latest market action, Monday through Friday. Editor's note: This article was written by Luke Brooks.


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