Mortgage Basics

How to buy a house

With mortgage rates and home prices still elevated, here's what you need to know about buying a house this year.

How to get a mortgage

Here's how to get the most affordable mortgage as buyers face higher home loan interest rates and rising house prices.

Get a low mortgage rate

Buying a house when interest rates are high requires an understanding of your different mortgage options.

Best mortgage lenders

Here's how to find the right mortgage lender when shopping for a home loan.

First-time home buyers

If you're looking to buy a home for the first time in 2023, here are some benefits and programs to take advantage of.

Credit score to buy a house

Locking in a low interest rate can save you thousands of dollars over the life of a home loan.

HELOC vs. home equity loan

Home equity lines of credit and home equity loans are designed to allow you access to the value of your home right now.

Mortgage refinancing

If you're considering refinancing your mortgage, here's everything you need to get started.

Getting a Mortgage

Refinancing Your Mortgage

Featured mortgage reviews

Great for first-time home buyers

PNC Bank Mortgage

  • Review

    A good choice for borrowers, particularly on the East Coast, PNC Bank offers first-time home buyers grants, PMI-free loans, and medical professional loans.

Good for rapid home approval

Better Mortgage

  • Review

    Better combines several home-buying services, including rapid loan approval, insurance, real estate, settlement services, and more, into a consolidated digital experience. It's a lender worthy of comparison.

Good for closing costs and down payment assistance

Bank of America Mortgage

  • Review

    Bank of America is a good addition to your short-list of lenders for several reasons, including closing costs and down payment assistance available to eligible home buyers.

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