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Oct 01, 2023 - Oct 07, 2023

Economic Events on Wed, Oct 041-70 of 70 results

CountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Industrial Prod MM*
EE5:00AM GMTAug2.2--3.8-
Industrial Prod YY*
EE5:00AM GMTAug-11.9--9.5-
PMI Services*
SE6:30AM GMTSep46.3-4948.4
Retail Sales YY
HU6:30AM GMTAug-7.1--7.6-
ISTAT Public Deficit/GDP
IT8:00AM GMTQ25.4-12.111.3
Trade Ministry Exports*
TR8:00AM GMTSep22.67-21.62-
Producer Prices YY
EU9:00AM GMTAug-11.5--7.6-
Retail Sales YY*
EU9:00AM GMTAug-2.1--1-
Retail Sales MM*
EU9:00AM GMTAug-1.2--0.2-0.1
Producer Prices MM
EU9:00AM GMTAug0.6--0.5-
Industrial Production MM *
LV10:00AM GMTAug1.7--2.8-2.7
Industrial Production YY *
LV10:00AM GMTAug-4.9--8.7-
Mortgage Market Index
US11:00AM GMT-178.2-189.6-
MBA 30-Yr Mortgage Rate
US11:00AM GMT-7.53-7.41-
Mortgage Refinance Index
US11:00AM GMT-384.6-411.7-
MBA Purchase Index
US11:00AM GMT-136.6-144.8-
Foreign Reserves*
EG11:00AM GMTSep34.97-34.93-
M3 Money Supply*
IN11:30AM GMT-10.8-11.1-
NBP Base Rate*
PL12:00PM GMTOct5.75-6-
ADP National Employment*
US12:15PM GMTSep89-177180
Durables Ex-Transpt R MM *
US2:00PM GMTAug0.4-0.4-
ISM N-Mfg New Orders Idx
US2:00PM GMTSep51.8-57.5-
ISM N-Mfg Employment Idx
US2:00PM GMTSep53.4-54.7-
Factory Orders MM *
US2:00PM GMTAug1.2--2.1-
Durables Ex-Def, R MM *
US2:00PM GMTAug-0.7--0.7-
ISM N-Mfg Price Paid Idx
US2:00PM GMTSep58.9-58.9-
US2:00PM GMTSep53.6-54.5-
Nondef Cap Ex-Air R MM *
US2:00PM GMTAug0.9-0.9-
Durable Goods, R MM *
US2:00PM GMTAug0.1-0.2-
Factory Ex-Transp MM *
US2:00PM GMTAug1.4-0.80.9
ISM N-Mfg Bus Act
US2:00PM GMTSep58.8-57.3-
EIA Weekly Crude Imports*
US2:30PM GMT--1.96-1.77-
EIA Wkly Gsln Stk*
US2:30PM GMT-6.48-1.03-
EIA Weekly Gasoline O/P*
US2:30PM GMT--0.31--0.57-
EIA Wkly Crude Cushing*
US2:30PM GMT-0.13--0.94-
EIA Weekly Dist Output*
US2:30PM GMT--0.24-0.15-
EIA Weekly Crude Runs*
US2:30PM GMT--0.46--0.24-
EIA Wkly Crude Stk*
US2:30PM GMT--2.22--2.17-
EIA Weekly Heatoil Stock*
US2:30PM GMT--0.3-0.52-
EIA Weekly Rfg Stocks*
US2:30PM GMT-0.01--0-
EIA Wkly Refn Util*
US2:30PM GMT--2.2--2.4-
EIA Wkly Dist. Stk*
US2:30PM GMT--1.27-0.4-
EIA Weekly Prods Imports*
US2:30PM GMT-0.61--0.49-
FX Reserves*
KR9:00PM GMTSep--418.3-
CPI Growth YY
KR11:00PM GMTSep--3.4-
CPI Growth MM
KR11:00PM GMTSep--1-
Foreign Invest JP Stock
JP11:50PM GMT----3025.3-
Foreign Bond Investment
JP11:50PM GMT----544.4-
FX Reserve - USD*
IL12:00AM GMTSep--202856-
Forex Reserves USD*
PH12:00AM GMTSep--99.8-
QA12:00AM GMTSep--2.38-
Inflation YY*
EG12:00AM GMTSep--37.4-
Core Inflation YY*
EG12:00AM GMTSep--40.4-
Auto Sales MM*
BR12:00AM GMTSep---7.9-
Budget Balance - ILS*
IL12:00AM GMTSep---5.7-
M2 Money Supply YY*
KW12:00AM GMTSep--3.65-
M2 Money Supply*
BH12:00AM GMTAug--3.5-
Auto Output MM*
BR12:00AM GMTSep--24-
Pvt Bank Lending YY*
KW12:00AM GMTSep--2.41-
Budget Balance Ytd*
OM12:00AM GMTAug--702-
Interest Rate*
NG12:00AM GMT---18.75-
M2 Money Supply YY*
OM12:00AM GMTAug--4.93-
OM12:00AM GMTSep--0.3-
OM12:00AM GMTSep--0.8-
Goods/Services Exports
AU12:30AM GMTAug---2-
Goods/Services Imports
AU12:30AM GMTAug--3-
Trade Balance G&S (A$)
AU12:30AM GMTAug--8039-
PH1:00AM GMTSep--5.3-
PH1:00AM GMTSep--1.1-
Core CPI YY*
PH1:00AM GMTSep--6.1-