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Feb 25, 2024 - Mar 02, 2024

Economic Events on Wed, Feb 281-92 of 92 results

CountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Manufacturing Confidence
NL5:30AM GMTFeb-4.2--4.4-
Export Prices YY *
FI6:00AM GMTJan-7.6--7.7-
Import Prices YY *
FI6:00AM GMTJan-4.7--9.4-
FI6:00AM GMTJan-5.4--7.6-
Trade Balance*
TR7:00AM GMTJan---6.04-
Retail Sales MM*
LT7:00AM GMTJan--13.1-
Retail Sales YY*
LT7:00AM GMTJan--1.9-
Trade Balance
SE7:00AM GMTJan--3.8-
Retail Sales YY
DK7:00AM GMTJan--4.5-
Industrial Output MM*
LT7:00AM GMTJan---1.5-
Industrial Output YY*
LT7:00AM GMTJan---7.4-
SE7:00AM GMTJan---1.6-
SE7:00AM GMTJan---7.7-
CZ8:00AM GMTJan--1.4-
CZ8:00AM GMTJan---0.5-
Consumer Confidence SA*
SE8:00AM GMTFeb--82.3-
Manufacturing Confidence*
SE8:00AM GMTFeb--99.3-
GDP Final QQ*
HK8:30AM GMTQ40.4-0.5-
GDP Final YY*
HK8:30AM GMTQ44.3-4.3-
IS9:00AM GMTFeb--6.7-
Mfg Business Confidence
IT9:00AM GMTFeb--88.3-
IS9:00AM GMTFeb---0.2-
Investor Sentiment
CH9:00AM GMTFeb---19.5-
Consumer Confidence
IT9:01AM GMTFeb--96.4-
Consumer Confidence*
PT9:30AM GMTFeb---26.9-
Business Confidence*
PT9:30AM GMTFeb--1.5-
GDP QQ Revised SA
BE10:00AM GMTQ4--0.4-
Industrial Sentiment *
EU10:00AM GMTFeb---9.4-
Services Sentiment *
EU10:00AM GMTFeb--8.8-
Business Climate*
EU10:00AM GMTFeb---0.4-
Cons Infl Expec *
EU10:00AM GMTFeb--11.9-
Economic Sentiment *
EU10:00AM GMTFeb--96.2-
Selling Price Expec *
EU10:00AM GMTFeb--4.6-
Consumer Confid. Final *
EU10:00AM GMTFeb---15.5-
BE10:30AM GMTFeb--1.75-
BE10:30AM GMTFeb--0.49-
Retail Sales MM *
IE11:00AM GMTJan--0.9-
Retail Sales YY *
IE11:00AM GMTJan--3.9-
IGP-M Inflation Index*
BR11:00AM GMTFeb--0.07-
Jobless Rate*
CL12:00PM GMTJan--8.5-
MBA Purchase Index
US12:00PM GMT---133.6-
MBA 30-Yr Mortgage Rate
US12:00PM GMT---7.06-
Mortgage Market Index
US12:00PM GMT---181.6-
Mortgage Refinance Index
US12:00PM GMT---427-
Current Account C$*
CA1:30PM GMTQ4---3.22-
GDP Cons Spending Prelim*
US1:30PM GMTQ4--2.8-
GDP 2nd Estimate*
US1:30PM GMTQ4--3.3-
Core PCE Prices Prelim*
US1:30PM GMTQ4--2-
PCE Prices Prelim *
US1:30PM GMTQ4--1.7-
GDP Deflator Prelim*
US1:30PM GMTQ4--1.5-
GDP Sales Prelim*
US1:30PM GMTQ4--3.2-
EIA Wkly Refn Util*
US3:30PM GMT---0-
EIA Weekly Prods Imports*
US3:30PM GMT---0.73-
EIA Weekly Gasoline O/P*
US3:30PM GMT----0.15-
EIA Weekly Crude Imports*
US3:30PM GMT----0.43-
EIA Wkly Gsln Stk*
US3:30PM GMT----0.29-
EIA Weekly Crude Runs*
US3:30PM GMT---0.03-
EIA Wkly Crude Cushing*
US3:30PM GMT---0.74-
EIA Weekly Dist Output*
US3:30PM GMT---0.09-
EIA Wkly Crude Stk*
US3:30PM GMT---3.51-
EIA Wkly Dist. Stk*
US3:30PM GMT----4.01-
EIA Weekly Heatoil Stock*
US3:30PM GMT----0.35-
EIA Weekly Rfg Stocks*
US3:30PM GMT----0-
Unemployment Rate
RU4:00PM GMTJan--3-
Industrial Output*
RU4:00PM GMTJan--2.7-
Industrial O/P Prelim MM SA*
JP11:50PM GMTJan--1.4-
Retail Sales YY
JP11:50PM GMTJan--2.12.4
Foreign Bond Investment
JP11:50PM GMT----560.8-
Foreign Invest JP Stock
JP11:50PM GMT---382-
IP Forecast 1 Mth Ahead
JP11:50PM GMTFeb---6.2-
IP Forecast 2 Mth Ahead
JP11:50PM GMTMar--2.2-
Current Account*
EG12:00AM GMTQ4---2.8-
M3 Money Supply YY*
AE12:00AM GMTDec--13.2-
Loans & Advances YY*
AE12:00AM GMTDec--5.13-
M2 Money Supply*
BH12:00AM GMTJan--5-
Manufacturing Prod YY*
TH12:00AM GMTJan---6.27-
REPO Rate*
MU12:00AM GMTQ1--4.5-
Budget Balance*
PH12:00AM GMTDec---93.3-
Foreign Reserves
JP12:00AM GMTFeb--1291.8-
Money Supply YY*
EG12:00AM GMTJan--19.92-
M2 Money Supply YY*
KW12:00AM GMTJan--1.04-
Budget Balance Ytd*
OM12:00AM GMTNov--830-
GDP YY Monthly*
RU12:00AM GMTDec--4.4-
Pvt Bank Lending YY*
KW12:00AM GMTJan--2.41-
ANZ Own Activity*
NZ12:00AM GMTFeb--25.6-
ANZ Business Outlook*
NZ12:00AM GMTFeb--36.6-
Capital Expenditure
AU12:30AM GMTQ4--0.6-
Private Sector Credit
AU12:30AM GMTJan--0.4-
Plant/Machinery Capex
AU12:30AM GMTQ4--0.5-
Retail Sales MM Final *
AU12:30AM GMTJan---2.7-
Building Capex
AU12:30AM GMTQ4--0.7-
Housing Credit
AU12:30AM GMTJan--0.4-