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Feb 18, 2024 - Feb 24, 2024

Economic Events on Fri, Feb 231-39 of 39 results

CountryEvent TimeForActualMarket ExpectationPrior to ThisRevised from
Consumer Price Index YY
SG5:00AM GMTJan--3.7-
Capacity Utilization*
TR7:00AM GMTFeb--76.2-
GDP Detailed QQ SA*
DE7:00AM GMTQ4---0.3-
GDP Detailed YY NSA*
DE7:00AM GMTQ4---0.4-
Manufacturing Confidence*
TR7:00AM GMTFeb--100.9-
Credit Indicator YY *
NO7:00AM GMTJan--3.4-
Forex Reserves*
TH7:30AM GMT---220.7-
Currency Swaps*
TH7:30AM GMT---30.2-
Unemployment Rate 3M
HU7:30AM GMTJan--4.4-
Non-Farm Payrolls
CH7:30AM GMTQ4--5.47-
Foreign Arrivals YY*
TR8:00AM GMTJan--3.51-
Unemployment Rate
PL9:00AM GMTJan--5.1-
FX Reserves, USD*
IN11:30AM GMT---617.23-
Bank Loan Growth*
IN11:30AM GMT---20.3-
Deposit Growth*
IN11:30AM GMT---13.2-
FGV Consumer Conf*
BR12:00PM GMTFeb--90.8-
Leading Indicator
BE2:00PM GMTFeb---16.4-
Current Account/GDP*
MX2:00PM GMTQ4--0.6-
Current Account*
MX2:00PM GMTQ4--2628-
Budget Balance, C$*
CA4:00PM GMTDec---4.01-
Budget, Year-To-Date, C$*
CA4:00PM GMTDec---19.14-
USDA-Cattle On Feed*
US8:00PM GMTFeb--102-
Cold Pork Belly Stocks
US8:00PM GMTJan--56.02-
Cold Storage- FCOJ Stock
US8:00PM GMTJan--0.18-
USDA-Cattle Placed On Fd*
US8:00PM GMTJan--96-
Cold Storage-Beef Stocks
US8:00PM GMTJan--485.13-
USDA-Cattle Marketed*
US8:00PM GMTJan--99-
M3 Money Supply YY*
AE12:00AM GMTDec--13.2-
Loans & Advances YY*
AE12:00AM GMTDec--5.13-
BH12:00AM GMTJan---0.3-
Bank Lending MM*
BR12:00AM GMTJan--1.4-
BH12:00AM GMTJan---0.2-
M2 Money Supply*
BH12:00AM GMTJan--5-
Quarterly Real GDP QQ*
QA12:00AM GMTQ3--0.5-
Current Account*
EG12:00AM GMTQ4---2.8-
GDP YY Monthly*
RU12:00AM GMTDec--4.4-
CN12:00AM GMTJan---8-
M2 Money Supply YY*
KW12:00AM GMTJan--1.04-
Pvt Bank Lending YY*
KW12:00AM GMTJan--2.41-