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  • How much to spend on a wedding gift? 8 rules to live by

    Mandi Woodruff at Yahoo Finance1 mth ago

    As anyone who’s ever paid for or attended a wedding knows, celebrating eternal love can get pricey.

    Not only is the cost of a wedding soaring — couples spent an average of $30,000 in 2013, according to, up from $28,000 the year before and the highest level since 2008 — but wedding guests are spending more than ever, as well.

    An American Express survey found guests spent an average of $539 on weddings in 2013, up from $339 in 2012. Bridal party members spent even more, shelling out $577 on average. Expenses like travel, hotel stays and wedding attire make up the bulk of wedding guest expenses, with an average of just $108 left over for gifts.

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