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Davenport releases revised plan for I-80 casino

DAVENPORT, Iowa (AP) -- The latest plan from Davenport leaders to build a casino and hotel along Interstate 80 calls for the development to be owned privately, not by the city.

The city said Tuesday that taxpayers would spend $33 million for land, infrastructure and buildings to support the development by the Davenport Casino Group, which is headed by local developer Rodney Blackwell.

The city said the plan would dramatically increase revenue for charities and local governments compared to the current Rhythm City casino downtown, which Blackwell's group intends to purchase.

Critics had attacked Davenport's earlier plan to own the casino as too risky.

Mayor Bill Gluba says the revised plan still maximizes the value of the casino license for residents.

The plan's being reviewed by the Riverboat Development Authority, which owns the license.