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Flappy Bird + Mavis Beacon Typing Tutor = The Most Sadistic Game on the Internet

Jason O. Gilbert
Technology Editor
Yahoo Tech

Do you love Flappy Bird, but wish it was more sadistic and demoralizing? Or are you searching for a program that will improve your typing skills and also make you want to throw your keyboard out the window?

Well, here’s your game. The developer Mister Speaker has created a version of the now-defunct hit game Flappy Bird called “Flappy Bird Typing Tutor.” The game, which you play in your Internet browser rather than your smartphone, resembles the original Flappy Bird with one key strategic difference: In order to control the bird’s flight, you must type out words correctly on your laptop’s keyboard. Each keystroke in Flappy Bird Typing Tutor equals one tap on your smartphone’s display, so you have to time your keystrokes to match the flight path you want your bird to take.

So, as if maneuvering your avian hero through a set of tubes wasn’t hard enough, “Flappy Bird Typing Tutor” also requires you to peer up at the words you must type, coordinate your brain to type those words and also keep track of where your bird is on the screen.

“Flappy Bird Typing Tutor” is not for players prone to rage-destroying their machines. Though if you managed to play Flappy Bird without smashing your phone, you should be fine to try “Flappy Bird Typing Tutor.” The question is: Can your high score top your WPM?

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